Has Auburn ever beat Georgia?

Has Auburn ever beat Georgia?

The Auburn–Georgia football rivalry is a college football rivalry game between the Auburn Tigers and Georgia Bulldogs….Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry.

All-time series Georgia leads 62–56–8
Largest victory Auburn, 44–0 (1900)
Longest win streak Georgia, 9 (1923–1931)
Current win streak Georgia, 5 (2017–present)

How many times has Auburn beat Georgia?

Auburn’s still Auburn, so Georgia fans always have a slight concern in the back of their heads on game day. But the results speak for themselves…. UGA has won 13 of the last 16 games against the Tigers and 8 of the last 10.

What is Auburn’s all-time football record?

Auburn’s home stadium is Jordan–Hare Stadium, which opened in 1939 and becomes Alabama’s fifth largest city on gamedays with a capacity of 87,451. Auburn’s arch rival is in-state foe Alabama….

Auburn Tigers football
All-time record 784–451–47 (.630)
Bowl record 24–19–2 (.556)
Claimed national titles 2 (1957, 2010)

Who has the most wins between Georgia and Florida?

Florida–Georgia football rivalry

Meetings total 98 (per Florida) 99 (per Georgia)
All-time series Georgia leads 52–44–2 (per Florida) Georgia leads 53–44–2 (per Georgia)
Largest victory Georgia, 75–0 (1942)
Longest win streak Florida, 7 (1990–1996) Georgia, 7 (1941–1948)

Which two teams make up the Deep South’s oldest rivalry?

The Auburn–Georgia football rivalry is a college football rivalry game between the Auburn Tigers and Georgia Bulldogs. The two teams first played each other in 1892, and the rivalry has been renewed annually since 1919 for a total of 122 games as of 2017.

What is the oldest football rivalry in the SEC?

AUBURN (119 MEETINGS) “The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry” began in February 1892 and the schools have met almost every year since the turn of the 20th century with only three years being lost to World Wars.

How many games has Auburn won and lost?

With 733 wins, Auburn ranks 12th all-time in win-loss records in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision.

Are there alligators in Georgia?

An estimated 200,000 American alligators live in Georgia. They occur south of the “fall line,” which runs roughly from Columbus through Macon to Augusta. Any individuals found north of this line were transported there by humans, since the weather is too cold for natural reproduction in these areas.