Has Sonya Isaacs been married more than once?

Has Sonya Isaacs been married more than once?

Sonya Isaacs was born on July 22, 1974 as Sonya Melissa Isaacs. She has been married to Jimmy Yeary since December 20, 2009. She was previously married to Tim Surrett.

Who did Sonya Isaacs marry?

Jimmy Yearym. 2009
Sonya Isaacs/Spouse

Isaacs married singer-songwriter Jimmy Yeary on December 20, 2009, with whom she co-wrote Martina McBride’s 2011 single “I’m Gonna Love You Through It”. Isaacs and Yeary have two sons born in 2011 and 2015, and a daughter born in 2017.

Who is Sonja Isaacs first husband?

songwriter Jimmy Yeary
So she started to really nurture and grow her songwriting, and in 2009, Sonya got paired with songwriter Jimmy Yeary. “We pretty much fell in love instantly,” she said with a smile. Six months later, they were married. Six months after that, Sonya was pregnant, and a healthy boy, Ayden, arrived in July 2011.

Where is Tim Surrett now?

Tim Surrett lives in Canton, where he was born and raised, and where he learned to sing. Having been a professional musician since he finished high school, he has toured extensively, and appeared at the Grand Ole Opry, the Ryman, and Carnegie Hall. Surrett is a Southern gospel singer of renown.

What happened to Joe Isaacs?

Joe Isaacs, formerly a singer and banjo player in the group, has left since his 1998 divorce from Lily Isaacs. He now does solo work on a far more localized level. Thomas Wywrot was a member from 2008 to 2011. Sonya Isaacs’ husband, Jimmy Yeary, took his place.

Who is Rebecca Isaacs married to?

John Bowman
Rebecca, the youngest sister, sings and plays guitar and resides in LaFollette, TN with husband John Bowman and their 2 children, Levi and Jakobi.

How old is Sonya Isaacs?

47 years (22 July 1974)
Sonya Isaacs/Age

Is Joe Isaacs married to Stacy York?

1988, formed (with his wife Lily) The Isaacs. Before forming The Isaacs, Joe worked with Larry Sparks, The Stanley Brothers, Frank Wakefield and the Greenbriar Boys. 2010, Joe married Stacy York, a traditional bluegrass singer who has worked with the Cumberland Highlanders and the Hazel Holler Girls.

When did Sonya Isaacs divorce?

It began with the end of her 28-year marriage. Her divorce from Joe Isaacs in 1998 left her not only with personal wounds to heal, but a public ministry to continue without one of its primary voices, or an understandable excuse for his absence.

What religion is the Isaacs?

He was born in a holler in Eastern Kentucky as the youngest of 17 children to poor, hardworking farmers Godfrey and Bessie Isaacs, who instilled the Pentecostal faith into their lives. Both stories, although extremely different, began in 1947.

Who is Lily Isaacs husband?

Joe Isaacs
They moved to America, got married, and Lily Isaacs grew up in the Bronx, N.Y. As a young girl, she was involved in music and theater and went on to perform in Off-Broadway productions in New York City. She met the man who would later become her husband, Joe Isaacs, at Gertie’s Folk Club.