How do I cancel my Six Flags season pass?

How do I cancel my Six Flags season pass?

Here is how to cancel your membership through the website:

  1. Go to the Six Flags website.
  2. Click on Manage Your Account under the Members page.
  3. Scroll down and click on Cancel My Membership.
  4. Enter your last name and your account ID number.
  5. Click on the green Begin Cancellation button at the bottom.

Does my Six Flags Season Pass still work?

Thank you for being a 2020 Season Pass Holder! It’s important to us that we provide you with all of the value you paid for. As such, we have decided to extend your 2020 Season Pass until the end of 2021. There is nothing you need to do — your current card will continue to function until the end of the 2021 Season.

Will Six Flags refund season pass?

Tickets, Season Passes and all vouchers purchased on this site are non—refundable. Six Flags does not offer cancellations, refunds, rain checks or exchanges. Tickets purchased for park special events or concerts are only accepted at the gate for the day of the event.

Can I use someone else’s Six Flags season pass?

Pass Sharing: Six Flags Passes are non-transferable and cannot be sold, loaned or given away to be used by a third party. Any use of a Six Flags Pass in breach of these terms and conditions or the relevant Six Flags Attraction regulations will result in the Six Flags Pass being revoked without compensation.

What happens if I lost my season pass to Six Flags?

Replacement Six Flags Pass IDs: If a Six Flags Pass is lost, stolen or forgotten, the ID card can be replaced (only at the Pass Holder’s Home Park) for a non-refundable replacement fee, or a regular park admission ticket may be purchased at full gate price.

What is the difference between Six Flags season pass and membership?

Why do you offer both Season Passes and Memberships? 2022 Season Passes just give you unlimited visits to Six Flags and sometimes parking. Season Passes don’t include any other benefits but for a large number of guests, that is OK. Membership is for fans.

How long does a season pass last for Six Flags?

The minimum commitment for participating in the Six Flags Membership program is 12 months. After 12 months you can stay in the program as long as you want, or you can submit a cancellation request to end your Membership whenever you want through our online cancellation tool.

What does Six Flags season pass include?

With a Season Pass, you get unlimited visits to the park on any public operating day (excluding private parties and separately ticketed events).

Does Six Flags season pass include Hurricane Harbor?

Six Flags Season Passes include admission and Pass Holder benefits at Six Flags Darien Lake and Frontier City, while Memberships include admission and Pass Holder benefits at Six Flags Darien Lake, Frontier City, White Water Bay, Hurricane Harbor Splashtown, Hurricane Harbor Phoenix, and Magic Waters.

What is the best membership to get at Six Flags?

Diamond Elite is the final and top membership level offered by Six Flags. This features the greatest amount of benefits and perks for your visits to the parks. Diamond Elite includes all of the benefits from the other three membership tiers plus the following…

What is the difference between a Six Flags season pass and membership?

Can you bring bottled water to Six Flags?

Glass is bad news when it breaks, which is why glass bottles are not allowed inside the parks. Bring an empty water bottle into the park and you can fill it at a water fountain. All other kinds of drinks must be purchased on-site.