How do I know if my starter relay is bad on my Harley?

How do I know if my starter relay is bad on my Harley?

The most obvious warning sign that a problem with the starter relay exists is when the vehicle won’t start when you engage the ignition process. Starter stays on after engine started. Intermittent issues starting the vehicle. Clicking sound coming from the starter.

How do I test my start button on my Harley?

Unplug the connector and probe it for B+ while pushing the start button. If it shows volts the start button is good. Then take a jumper wire from the battery positive terminal to that same connector plug on the starter, the starter should spin and engage the engine (crank over).

What is the red key light on my Harley?

The red “key” light is telling you that the security system is operational. The fact that it goes out after you start it up means that the security system is disarmed.

What are the signs of a bad starter on a motorcycle?

Symptoms of a bad motorcycle starter may include the motorcycle not being able to start at all, the motorcycle only starting intermittently, hearing the starter running even when the engine has already started, and being able to hear a strange clicking sound from the starter.

How do you activate a Harley Davidson security system?

During a PIN disarm, if the smart security system detects motorcycle motion the system will activate the alarm. If necessary, verify the current 5-digit PIN. Turn Ignition key to IGNITION. Quickly (within 2 seconds of turning ignition key) hold both turn signal switches in until confirmation.

What is the factory PIN for Harley?

Harley puts a standard factory preset PIN code and it is usually 31313.

Why does my Harley start clicking?

When you turn the key and the battery is dead, you hear the magnet trying to magnetize the gear which is what makes the clicking sound. If the battery doesn’t give enough power, that magnet doesn’t have enough power to turn the flywheel of the engine.

Why does the key light stay on on my Harley?

Registered. If the security light (the key) stays on solid (not flashing) and the bike starts and runs, it means the bike has thrown a DTC. (diagnostic trouble code) It is essentially the equivalent of the “check engine” light on a car. The procedure for checking the code is posted in the electrical section.

What does the Red Key Light on a Harley Davidson mean?

Red key light? So my buddy and I are taking off for a ride. My “red key” light is on. What does it mean. I have an ’07 Heritage. Help! Do you have security, ar ethe turn sigmals flashing left then right and repeat? If so check your fob, battery may be dead. my fob is my ‘key’_ I just twist the switch in the center console.

How do you reset the odometer on a Harley Davidson?

2 – Push odometer reset button in & hold. se odometer reset button. Background lighting sould illuminate, speedometer needle should sweep its full range and indicator lamps (battery, security, low fuel, check engine and cruise) should illuminate. The word “diag” should then appear.

Is the speedometer capable of displaying a DTC?

The IM (instrument module) is capable of displaying DTC’s (diagnostic trouble codes). Speedometer Self Diagnostics: The speedometer is capable of displaying and clearing speedometer, tachometer, TSM/TSSM and ICM/ECM Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC).

When do the warning lights come on on a Harley Davidson?

Unfortunately, you can drive your brand new Harley off the lot and not get five miles down the road before a warning light comes on. Or, you could be a thousand miles from home when they start flashing. What do they mean?