How do I print my IEC certificate?

How do I print my IEC certificate?

Step 5 – After logging in, click on the tab “Manage IEC”. At this stage, you would be required to verify your details. This would include business details such as the PAN number, firm name etc. Step 6 – Click on Print option displayed on the page.

How can I download my IEC certificate online?

Link your IEC

  1. Register on DGFT Website – Valid Email and Mobile Number Required.
  2. Login to DGFT Website.
  3. Click on Link IEC button displayed on the homepage.
  4. Enter your IEC by authenticating through Aadhaar based OTP or Digital Signature.

How can I see my IEC certificate?

1. PAN Based IE code is generated by DGFT offices located all over the country and is aggregated at DGFT headquarters. To check whether your IE code has reached DGFT head quarters and the correctness of your IE code details, Click IE Code @ DGFT button.

How can I get import export code certificate?

Steps for IEC Registration Process:

  1. Step 1: Go to the DGFT Website.
  2. Step 2: Then You need to Go on Services tab.
  3. Step 3: Enter your PAN number (A Person/if any Company PAN Card)
  4. Step 4: Enter the your details (As Mentioned on PAN Card)
  5. Step 5: Enter your mobile number to get (OTP) verification process.

What is the validity of IEC certificate?

lifetime validity
IEC is a 10-digit code which has a lifetime validity. Predominantly importers merchant cannot import goods without the Import Export Code and similarly, the exporter merchant cannot avail benefits from DGFT for the export scheme, etc. without IEC.

How can I download original IEC certificate?

How to Download and Print IEC certificate

  1. PAN number.
  2. Name as mentioned in the PAN card.
  3. Date of Incorporation (As per the PAN)
  4. Latest file number without slash.
  5. Latest file date.

How do I download an old IEC certificate?

How do I check my IEC online?

Applicants can check their import-export code application status through the DGFT website. From the homepage, users should click on the IEC tab, and then the Know your IEC Status option to check the status of their import-export code.

How much does it cost to get IEC code?

IEC Code Number Application Fee Rs 250.00 (Expert TIP : Pay via EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer ), and submit IEC Online Application form, If you wish to receive IEC Number instantly) The physical application containing required documents should reach DGFT RLA concerned within 15 days of its online submission.

What documents are required for IEC code?

Documents required for IEC (Import Export Code) Registration

  • Individual’s or Firm’s or Company’s copy of PAN Card.
  • Individual’s voter id or Aadhar card or passport copy.
  • Individual’s or company’s or firm’s cancel cheque copies of current bank accounts.
  • Copy of Rent Agreement or Electricity Bill Copy of the premise.

How much should I pay for IEC?

IEC code number registration fee is worth Rs. 250.00 and can be pay via EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer), and submit IEC Online Application form. For an instant, the physical application containing required documents should reach DGFT RLA concerned within 15 days of its online submission.

Do we need to renew IEC certificate every year?

Renewal of the IEC code is mandatory as per Notification No. 58 dated 12th Feb 2021. Renewal/ Update is needed to be done every year, from April to June. Non-renewal will have an impact of de-activating the IEC.