How do you cheat in Liberty City?

How do you cheat in Liberty City?


  3. Weapon Set 3. UP, X, X, DOWN, LEFT, X, X, RIGHT.
  4. Get $250000. L1, R1, TRIANGLE, L1, R1, CIRCLE, L1, R1.
  5. Restore Armor.
  6. Restore Health.
  7. Increase Wanted Level.
  8. Wanted Level Never Appears.

Does GTA Liberty City Stories have cheats?

All of these GTA cheats can be entered during gameplay, but keep in mind some can’t be turned off once activated….Gameplay Cheats.

Effect Cheat Code
Get full armor. L1, R1, O, L1, R1, X, L1, R1
Get full health. L1, R1, X, L1, R1, Square, L1, R1
Get $250,000. L1, R1, Triangle, L1, R1, O, L1, R1

How many missions are there in GTA Liberty City Stories PSP?

70 missions
This is a list of missions featured in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. In total, there are 70 missions.

Which is better GTA VC or GTA LCS?

I personally prefer VCS, it has a better story, great soundtrack, better atmosphere (80’s again) and added more features from SA. With LCS I just didnt care for Toni, it felt low budget and lacked important features etc. It’s a tough call, but I’ll go against the grain and say LCS.

How do you get a tank in GTA Liberty City Stories?

When you hit six stars jump onto the wall, fire at the tanks to take out the soldiers and jump in. Complete 100% of the game and a tank will re-spawn in Fort Staunton (north east of Staunton island).

Can you fly a plane in GTA Liberty City?

Yes, it really is possible. A GTA fan has found a way to fly a helicopter in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, the first PSP instalment in the series. You will pass through the yellow marker and can go get the helicopter. Happy flying!!

How do you cheat on GTA PSP?

Enter cheats on the PSP at any time while playing; you do not have to pause the game first….GTA: Vice City Stories Cheat Codes for PSP.

Effect Cheat Code
Faster clock R1, L1, L1, Down, Up, X, Down, L1
Spawn Rhino Up, L1, Down, R1, Left, L1, Right, R1

How long is GTA Liberty City Stories?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 107 14h 19m
Main + Extras 42 24h 03m
Completionists 23 40h 42m
All PlayStyles 172 20h 13m

What is the last mission in GTA Liberty City Stories?

The Sicilian Gambit
The Sicilian Gambit is the final storyline mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, given to protagonist Toni Cipriani by Leone Family Don Salvatore Leone from his home in Saint Mark’s, Portland Island, Liberty City.

Is GTA LCS good?

This game costs $30.00 and it is definitely worth it. Remember this is a PSP port and PSP is not as good as PS2 so the game is definitely not as good as GTA San Andreas or even Vice City actually but it is still a good addition in the series. Liberty City Stories takes us back to Liberty City(where GTA3 took place).