How old are the B5 brothers now?

How old are the B5 brothers now?

The B5 was formed by the Breeding brothers: Dustin, Kelly, Patrick, Carnell, and Bryan, who were all teenagers at the time. Now, Bryan – the youngest of the 5 – is all of 25; Dustin is 32, Kelly is 30, Patrick is 29, and Carnell is 28.

How old is Bryan breeding now?

28 years (14 October 1993)
Bryan Jesse Breeding/Age

Who are B5 parents?

Their parents are Michael and Adrian Breeding.

How old is Dustin Breeding?

The group consists of the five Breeding family brothers, Dustin Michael (b. October 8, 1987), Kelly Allen (b. February 27, 1989), Patrick Owen (b. September 19, 1990), Carnell Frederick (b.

Why did B5 break up?

B5 expressed how splitting up and working on themselves individually actually made them stronger as a group. “We got to really perceive life like within ourselves,” Carnell said. “And they we just brought it back together and it’s way better, we’re a lot stronger now.”

What ever happened to B5?

B5 — which consists of the five Breeding brothers, Kelly, Patrick, Dustin, Bryan and Carnell — was formed back in 1998. Over the years, the group dropped two albums and multiple singles but sadly went on hiatus in 2013. In 2018, B5 reunited and officially got back together.

Is B5 related to Jackson 5?

Their name is an homage of sorts to the Jackson 5, who were among the first African American boy groups. This connection was made explicit when the group released its first single, “All I Do,” which was originally a Jackson 5 tune. Like the Jackson 5 and contemporaries Pretty Ricky, B5 are brothers.

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