How old is Andi Manzano?

How old is Andi Manzano?

34 years (29 March 1987)
Andi Manzano/Age

How is Andi Manzano related to Luis Manzano?

She is related to Edu and Luis Manzano as well as Gary Valenciano. She became an MTV VJ when she won an MTV VJ hunt in the Philippines….

Andi Manzano
Agent Star Magic (1999-2003)
Spouse(s) GP Reyes ​ ( m. 2013)​
Children 2
Relatives Edu Manzano (uncle) Luis Manzano (cousin)

Who is Andi Manzano’s husband?

GP Reyesm. 2013
Andi Manzano/Husband

How did Andi Manzano and GP Reyes meet?

MANILA, FEBRUARY 3, 2014 (PHILSTAR) Club owner, restaurateur, and Century Properties creative director GP Reyes met the love of his life, the beautiful radio DJ, host, and celebrity Andi Manzano in the most modern of ways: Facebook. Luckily (pun intended), GP didn’t give up so easily.

Who is the mother of Andi Manzano?

Rose Manzano
Andi Manzano/Mothers

Who is Andi Manzano parents?

Rose Manzano
Bobit Manzano
Andi Manzano/Parents

Who are the siblings of Luis Manzano?

Ryan Christian Santos Recto
Enzo ManzanoAdi ManzanoDiego Manzano
Luis Manzano/Siblings

Who is the father of Luis Manzano?

Edu Manzano
Luis Manzano/Fathers

Is Lucky Manzano married?

Luis Philippe Santos Manzano (born April 21, 1981), also known by his nickname Lucky, is a Filipino-American TV host, actor, comedian, VJ, and model….

Luis Manzano
Height 6 ft 0 in (183 cm)
Spouse(s) Jessy Mendiola ​ ( m. 2021)​
Partner(s) Jennylyn Mercado (2011–2013)
Parent(s) Edu Manzano Vilma Santos

Who is the mother of Luis Manzano?

Vilma Santos
Luis Manzano/Mothers

Who is Vilma Santos son?

Luis Manzano
Vilma Santos/Sons

Who is Luis Manzano’s girlfriend now?

Jessy Mendiola (2021–)
Jennylyn Mercado
Luis Manzano/Partner