How old is Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z?

How old is Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z?

3 Vegeta (48) Born in Age 732, the Saiyan Prince is now 48-years-old. Despite his seemingly old age, Vegeta isn’t going to stop getting better anytime soon because Saiyans age very slowly.

How old is Goku in Dragon Ball Z Kai?

By the time preparations for the androids are completed, Goku is 29 years old. When the androids are absorbed by Cell, Goku and his friends have to train for another year before competing in the Cell Games. Goku is 30 years old when he sacrifices himself (and King Kai) to save the planet from Cell’s self-destruction.

How old is kakarot and Vegeta?

Goku was born in age 734(Jaco Manga) and We’re around age 774(wiki) at this moment in the story. So he’s 40ish. Vegeta was born age 732(Dragon Ball: Super Exciting Guide) so he would be 2 years older than Goku.

How old were Android 17 and 18?

Assuming their number designation could be a hint to their approximate age when they were introduced, as they were kidnapped as children, this would make both Android 17 and 18 in their late 20’s or early 30’s by the end of the Dragon Ball Super anime.

Is Chichi older than Goku?

4 Chi-Chi. The one true love and wife of Goku, Chi-Chi has been living a happy life with her husband. She’s of the same age as Goku, being born on May 12, Age 737, and 47 years old by the end of DBZ.

Is Vegeta older than Goku?

There is no doubt that Vegeta is older as Goku was only an infant (about 0-1 yr old) when he was sent to Earth, while Vegeta was already fighting in another planet (about 5 yrs old), so Vegeta is about 5 yrs older than Goku.

Who Android 17 wife?

Kashi (Android 17’s wife)

Gender Female
Date of death Age 774 Age 778
Occupation Former Ranger Zoologist
Family Android 17 (Husband) Android 18 (sister in law) Krillin (Brother in law) Marron (Niece) Amethyst (Adopted Daughter) Topaz (Adopted son) Geode (Son)

Are Android 17 and 18 twins?

Android 17 ( 人造 じんぞう 人間 にんげん 17 号 ごう , Jinzōningen Jū Nana-Gō), Lapis (ラピス, Rapisu) when he was an ordinary human, is the younger twin brother of Android 18 and Dr. Gero’s seventeenth android creation, designed to serve Gero’s vendetta against Goku.

Is Bulma in love with Goku?

Once Goku became an adult, Bulma was amazed how tall and handsome he had become and stated that she could have fallen for him. When Goku became engaged to Chichi, Bulma was surprised but happy for Goku. Chichi later said she believed Bulma always liked Goku, despite the former’s denials.

Can Chi-Chi use Kaioken?

1 Chi-Chi Can Use It (Sort Of) Okay, she can’t actually use Kaioken but she does possess a move that’s similar to it. When Chi-Chi gets very angry, she can use a move called Red Blazing Aura. This technique aesthetically resembles Kaio Ken, replete with a red aura.

Is Vegeta Goku’s brother?

The fighter is the son of King Vegeta, the former ruler of the Saiyan race. It seems the boy is being considered canon, so Vegeta can add being a big brother to his resume. Finally, Goku’s family tree is the most fleshed out. The Saiyan was born to Bardock and Gine.

Who is the oldest Saiyan?

Yamoshi is a Saiyan with a righteous heart who existed long before Planet Vegeta was the Saiyan’s planet. Alongside his five comrades, Yamoshi starts a rebellion against the evil Saiyans.