Is a pufferfish a producer or consumer?

Is a pufferfish a producer or consumer?

The Fan Worm is eaten by the tertiary consumer, the puffer fish. The Coral Polyps are eaten by a tertiary consumer, the Sea Slug.

What type of consumer is a marlin fish?

The tertiary consumers are the squid and mackerel. The top predators are the smaller sharks, the Marlin, and the larger shark.

What kind of consumer is a clownfish?

Clownfish aren’t fussy eaters. They are what’s known as omnivores, which means that they will happily eat meat and plants.

What type of consumer is a snapper?

Snapper. Snapper are decomposers and consumers. They mainly eat shellfish, crabs, shrimps, heart urchins, and small fish.

Is a tiger shark a tertiary consumer?

Tertiary consumers in marine environments include larger fish such as tuna, barracuda and groupers, seals and sea lions, jellyfish, dolphins, moray eels, turtles, sharks and whales—some of which are apex predators, such as the great white or tiger sharks and orca whales.

Who are fish producers consumers or decomposers?

The food-chain includes the producer, primary consumer, secondary consumerand decomposers. Diatomsare a major group of algae, and are among the most common types of phytoplankton so are the producers, crustacean belongs to primary consumer, fish is secondary consumer, seal is tertiary and bacteria are decomposers.

What kind of food does a puffer fish eat?

The puffer fish diet is mainly based on snails, worms, and other crustaceans. When they are in aquariums they are useful snail eaters and also quickly end up with any plague.

How does a puffer fish reproduce in captivity?

As for its reproduction, it is almost impossible to achieve it in captivity. What we can do is to distinguish sex, since females are somewhat larger than males. The puffer fish are oviparous: the females deposit their eggs among the leaves or submerged trunks.

Who is the primary consumer of a fish?

A fish, caught by a heron in Nokomis, Florida, has another fish in its mouth. These secondary consumers in the food chain prey on other organisms. Producers, such as plants, create their own nutrients, while primary consumers, also called herbivores, rely on producers for food.