Is Bonifay safe to live?

Is Bonifay safe to live?

Bonifay, FL crime analytics This means Bonifay is one of the safest places in America in which to live for its size, a very important finding.

How far is Bonifay from the beach?

There are 43.17 miles from Bonifay to Panama City Beach in south direction and 53 miles (85.30 kilometers) by car, following the FL 79 route. Bonifay and Panama City Beach are 1 hour 6 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop .

How big is Bonifay Florida?

10.67 km²

What is the closest major airport to Bonifay FL?

Tallahassee Regional Airport. Tallahassee Regional Airport is about 86 miles (an hour and a half drive) from Bonifay.

  • Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport. Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport is 103 miles (an hour and 45-minute drive) from Bonifay.
  • Panama City-Bay County International Airport.
  • Mobile Regional Airport.
  • Who founded Bonifay FL?

    As of the 2010 census the population was 2,793. It is the county seat of Holmes County. Bonifay was founded in 1882 when the Pensacola and Atlantic Railroad was built across the Florida Panhandle, and was named by P&A executive W. D….

    Bonifay, Florida

    Where in Florida is Holmes County?

    Holmes County is a county located in the northwestern part of the U.S. state of Florida, in the Panhandle. As of the 2010 census, the population was 19,927. Its county seat is Bonifay….Holmes County, Florida.

    Holmes County
    Seat Bonifay
    Largest city Bonifay
    • Total 489 sq mi (1,270 km2)

    What is a Bonifay?

    Bonifay is a name whose history dates far back into the mists of early British times to the days of the Anglo-Saxon tribes. It is a name for a person who was referred to as the bon enfant, and is equivalent to the English Goodchild.