Is there a song called The Ides of March?

Is there a song called The Ides of March?

“Vehicle” is a song recorded by American rock band The Ides of March for their debut studio album of the same name (1970). It was released as the lead single from the album in March 1970 through Warner Bros….Vehicle (song)

Songwriter(s) Jim Peterik
Producer(s) Bob Destocki, Frank Rand
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Who sang vehicle by Ides of March?

The Ides of March

What key is vehicle by Ides of March?

Title: Vehicle
By: The Ides of March
Instruments: Voice, range: Db4-Gb5 C Instrument
Scorings: Leadsheet Lyrics/Melody/Chords
Original Published Key: Eb Minor

What year was the vehicle in Ides of March?


What happened to the Ides of March?

In modern times, the Ides of March is best known as the date on which Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BC. Caesar was stabbed to death at a meeting of the Senate. As many as 60 conspirators, led by Brutus and Cassius, were involved.

What is the meaning of the term the Ides of March?

Ides simply referred to the first new moon of a given month, which usually fell between the 13th and 15th. In fact, the Ides of March once signified the new year, which meant celebrations and rejoicing. Yet when heroes in movies, books and television shows are faced with the Ides of March, it’s always a bad omen.

Who sang La goodbye?

L.A. Goodbye/Artists

What year did the song vehicle by Ides of March come out?

When an 18-year-old Jim Peterik sang “I’m your vehicle, baby/ I’ll take you anywhere you want to go” on The Ides of March’s 1970 hit “Vehicle,” it was coming from a real, somewhat frustrated place.

Who wrote Vehicle song?

Jim Peterik