Is there any word with 3 letters in a row?

Is there any word with 3 letters in a row?

The answer is not really, because the usual rules of English spelling outlaw triple letters. We put hyphens in words that contain three of the same letters in a row, so as to break the letters up, e.g. bee-eater, bell-like, cross-section, cross-subsidize, joss-stick, and shell-less.

What word has 4 double letters in a row?

GOOD DEED DOTTY, the name of an old comic strip, has four double letters in a row [Peter Gordon]. SYZYGY and ZYZZYVA, when written in cursive, have five letters in a row which descend below the line. SYZYGY is also the shortest word with three Y’s.

Do any words have a double V?

Derived expressions are “divvies”, “divvying”, and “divvied”. luvvy or luvvie /ˈlʌvi/ (love-ee) is, in British English, an actor or actress who is particularly effusive or affected. Informally, it may be an affectionate term for a person. The plural form is “luvvies”.

What is a double letter?

Double-letter words are words which contain at least one set of letters used twice consecutively to make a certain sound, usually used in the emphasized syllable in the word containing them. words with double letters examples.

What is the only word with 3 consecutive double letters?

An old riddle asks, “Can you name a word with three consecutive double letters?” One possible answer is WOOLLEN – ‘double U, double O, double L, …’ A more satisfying solution is BOOKKEEPER (or BOOKKEEPING), the only common words with a consecutive triple double.

Which word has most double letters?

5 Answers. Yellowwooddoor – a door made out of yellowwood (acknowledged as a real Scrabble word). It even has an extra double letter (ll) though it’s not consecutive.

What is the rule for double letters in a word?

The doubling rule states that if a one syllable word ends with a vowel and a consonant, double the consonant before adding the ending (e.g. -ed, -ing).

What 6 letter word has 2 V’s?

6 letter words containing vv

  • skivvy.
  • chivvy.
  • spivvy.
  • revved.
  • bovver.
  • luvvie.
  • evvoia.
  • chevvy.

How do you know if a word has a double letter?

When the suffix begins with a vowel and is added to a word that ends in a single consonant preceded by a single vowel, then the final consonant of the word is doubled. Note, this is only true when the final syllable is stressed.

What is the longest English word without a true vowel?

RHYTHMS. RHYTHMS is perhaps officially the longest word without vowels which can not only be used in Scrabble, but which also can be used every day in common speech. It’s a noun and is most widely defined as the recurring or repeated notes or elements which create a balanced flow, particularly in music or verse.