On what condition Shylock lend money to Antonio?

On what condition Shylock lend money to Antonio?

In an aside, he talks of his hatred for Antonio, who Shylock says spits on him and curses both his religion and business practices in public. Despite this, he agrees to lend the money on one condition: if the loan is not repaid in full within three months, Shylock will take one pound of Antonio’s flesh.

Why does Shylock lend money without interest?

Shylock is willing to lend the money without interest because he wants to trap Antonio in a fatal bond and take his revenge.

Why does Antonio want Shylock to lend him money as if to an enemy?

Antonio is willing to lend money without interest because he feels that it is inappropriate to charge interest from friends. He tells Shylock upfront that if he doesn’t want to lend money so be it. Then he asks him to lend it to them as if they were enemies not friends.

Why can’t Antonio pay back his loan?

Why can’t Antonio pay back his loan? After a series of accidents, all of Antonio’s ships are reported as wrecked. Therefore, Antonio does not have the money to pay back Shylock and is in danger of having to pay the penalty of a pound of his own flesh.

Why did Shylock hate Antonio?

Shylock explains his enmity for Antonio. He has a bias against Antonio as a Christian and hates him even more for Antonio’s practice of lending money without interest, undermining Shylock’s usury business. Antonio hates people of the Jewish faith and always speaks badly about Shylock’s merchant deals.

Why does Shylock hate Antonio?

Shylock hates Antonio because Antonio has the privilege of being a wealthy Venetian who charges no interest on his loans, and he also hates Antonio for being a Christian. Antonio not only loans money interest-free to many, he has also covered the loans of Shylock’s victims without charging them interest to repay him.

Is Antonio a wealthy merchant?

Antonio certainly gives the appearance of being a wealthy man. He’s a successful merchant with a large fleet of ships engaging in profitable trade throughout the world. He clearly has money to spare, as he often helps people out financially when they’ve fallen on hard times.

What is the need for Antonio to borrow money from his enemy?

5. What is the need for Antonio to borrow money from his enemy? Antonio needs to borrow money from his enemy Shylock to give it to Bassanio, his friend so that he can go to Belmont to woo the rich lady Portia. 6.

Why could Antonio not help Bassanio financially?

Antonio wasn’t able to help Bassanio with the sum of money he asked for because all of his merchandise was presently in his ships which were sailing in the sea. Therefore,he asked Bassanio to lent the money from Shylock, a jewish money lender in Venice, and take his name as the guranter.

Is Shylock a villain or a victim?

At the end of The Merchant of Venice, Shylock has been both a victim and a villain. He is a victim of his religion, and a victim of his greed and overwhelming need for revenge.

Why is Antonio wealthy?

Does Shylock love money?

He is said to obsessed with money and unloving to his daughter, placing his wealth in jewels and ducats very far above her. One of the primary texts used to support this is spoken by Salanio and Solario in Act 2 Scene 6, who later in Act 3 Scene 1 make it clear that they are neither fans nor friends of Shylock.