What are budget exhibits?

What are budget exhibits?

Budget exhibits are among the most important documents prepared in support of the Defense portion of the President’s Budget. These exhibits form the basis of the justification material to the President’s Budget that go to the Congressional committees.

What can RDT&E funds be used for?

The regulation states RDT&E funds can be used for research, development, test and evaluation efforts performed by contractors and government installations, including procurement of end items, weapons, equipment, components, materials and services required for development of equipment, material, or computer application …

What funding policy applies to RDT&E appropriations?

The incremental funding policy applies to Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) appropriations. Although RDT&E efforts often span several years, the incremental funding policy requires that the effort generally be budgeted in annual increments based on when costs are expected to be incurred.

What funding policy applies to procurement appropriations?

The full funding policy is a federal budgeting rule imposed on the Department of Defense (DOD) by Congress in the 1950s that requires the entire procurement cost of a weapon or piece of military equipment to be funded in the year in which the item is procured.

What are P and R forms?

Budget Exhibit’s supporting requests for an appropriation are called: P-Form: Procurement. R-Form: Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E)

What is direct cite vs reimbursable?

With the Reimbursement Order (Category I), the assisting agency pay for the items up front and is then reimbursed by the requesting agency. With Direct Citation (Category II), the requesting agency provides the funds up front. The overseeing agency then receives the MIPR in the contracting system.

Is RDT e an expense or investment?

Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) Appropriations (Appropriations Categories) finances expense and investment costs necessary for basic and applied scientific research, development, test, and evaluation including maintenance, rehabilitation, lease of operation of facilities and equipment.

How long is R&D funds good for?

Research Development Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) Budget 2-year availability of funds authorized for the Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation appropriation provides the necessary flexibility for program execution in those circumstances.

What is O&M funding?

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Appropriations funds the cost of operating and maintaining equipment at a state of readiness. It covers expenses such as civilian salaries, travel, minor construction projects, operating military forces, training and education, depot maintenance, stock funds, and base operations support.

What are the five major categories of fiscal appropriations?

DoD receives many appropriations, most of which can be grouped into the five major categories: Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E); Procurement; Operation and Maintenance (O&M); Military Personnel (MILPERS); and Military Construction (MILCON).

What are different types of appropriation?

There are three types of appropriations bills: regular appropriations bills, continuing resolutions, and supplemental appropriations bills.

What is the purpose of the Financial Management Regulation 7000.14 R?

DoD Instruction 7000.14-R, “Department of Defense Financial Management Regulations (FMRs),” is the DoD-wide regulation that guides financial management for accounting, budgeting, financing, and financial management education and training.