What are the disadvantages of cliff regrading and drainage?

What are the disadvantages of cliff regrading and drainage?


  • Not effective alone.
  • Some buildings may have to be demolished.

What are the advantages of cliff Stabilisation?

Cliff stabilization can be a useful option in densely populated areas with high value properties and infrastructure built on sloping soft rock coasts. Cliff stabilization can thus prevent erosion of valuable land and maintain the current coastline.

What is cliff drainage?

Cliff drainage: eliminating surface runoff and infiltration on the slope. This can be done by creating ditches at the top and/or on the slope of the cliff. Reducing pore pressure can also be achieved by piping water out of the cliff.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Dune Stabilisation?

Dune Nourishment

Dune Nourishment
Advantages Cheap Maintains natural appearance of coastline Provides habitat Helps absorb wave energy Disadvantages Can be easily damaged by storm waves Areas have to be zoned off from public while it grows Protection is limited to small area

What are the weaknesses of cliff regrading?

Soft Engineering – Cliff Regrading

Soft Engineering – Cliff Regrading
Advantages Cliff becomes more stable Less prone to unexpected movement Disadvantages May be impractical if valuable land use exists on cliff top Ongoing maintenance costs

What are the disadvantages of cliff drainage?

Hard Engineering – Cliff Drainage

Hard Engineering – Cliff Drainage
Advantages No build up on impermeable and saturated clays Hidden structures mean more attractive natural appearance Prevents landslides/mass movement Disadvantages Cliff is still open to wave erosion

What are the disadvantages of cliff Stabilisation?

What happens once the overhanging cliff has collapsed?

Erosional landform: The rock will overhang the notch. The overhang will collapse and the cliff will retreat. This will create a wave-‐cut platform which is visible during low tide and submerged during high tide.

What are the disadvantages of dune regeneration?

During dune regeneration, the land needs to be carefully managed so that any new vegetation that is planted is appropriately protected from trampling by humans. This could involve temporarily fencing off the dunes or by providing wooden walkways. It can also be damaged by storm waves.

What are the disadvantages of Cliff Stabilisation?

Is cliff regrading effective?

Cliff regrading and drainage is especially useful when the cliff is made of clay or other material because this material erodes easily and can slip when wet. Drainage does not cost much money and can get great results because it reduces the amount of the water in the cliff, which could be saturated.

How do you stop cliff erosion?

In order to prevent bluff erosion, you can do the following:

  1. Do not remove vegetation.
  2. Divert runoff.
  3. Slow runoff speed.
  4. Reduce paved areas (which increase runoff)
  5. Use proper drainage systems.
  6. Do not add additional weight / structures to the edges of the bluff.