What are the push factors for the Indians?

What are the push factors for the Indians?

Poverty, job searching and family influence are the main push factors for out migration, while better opportunity, prior migrants and availability of job are the main pull factors behind migration.

Why were the East Indians brought to the Caribbean?

170 years ago, the first group of Indians were brought to the Caribbean. And workers, mostly from East India, were brought to the Caribbean to replace African slaves on British plantations across what was then the West Indies.

Why did the East Indian came to Jamaica?

The East Indians are the largest ethnic minority in Jamaica. They arrived as indentured labourers between 1845 and 1917. The Indians came to Jamaica to earn a “fortune” for starting a better life back in India.

What did the Indians contributed to Trinidad?

The East Indians brought to Trinidad a wide range of festivals and religious observances. For East Indians – both Hindus and Muslims – these celebrations were important. They allowed the immigrants to hold on to the values and principles which had sustained them for centuries.

What are the pull factors of China?

The push and pull definitions are as follows: Push factors are the reasons why people left China, such as persecution, fear, natural disasters, poverty and unemployment. Pull factors are the reasons why people moved to the United States of America in search of freedom, safety, stability and new opportunities.

What are the pull factors?

Pull factor is a geography term that is used to describe factors that attract people to a country, region, religion, organization etc.. It is the opposite of a push factor, which involves conditions that motivate one to leave.

What did the Indians contribute?

Indians cultivated and developed many plants that are very important in the world today. Some of them are white and sweet potatoes, corn, beans, tobacco, chocolate, peanuts, cotton, rubber and gum. Plants were also used for dyes, medicines, soap, clothes, shelters and baskets. 10.