What did Major Mitchell discover?

What did Major Mitchell discover?

With a reputation as a meticulous worker, he laid out towns, road routes and reserves, filled in vital gaps in inland maps, and discovered much of the best farming land in western Victoria and central Queensland. Born in Scotland on 15 June 1792, Mitchell joined the army in 1811.

When did Major Thomas Mitchell explore?

In 1827, Major Thomas Mitchell arrived in Australia to become the Surveyor-General of the colony of New South Wales, taking over from John Oxley. He held the position for 27 years, and was responsible for the placement of roads, bridges and towns throughout the colony.

Where was Thomas Mitchell born?

Craigend, Glasgow, United Kingdom
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What is a pink parrot called?

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What is a pink cockatoo called?

The Pink Cockatoo is known by a variety of names, most commonly as Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo, as well as Leadbeater’s Cockatoo, Desert Cockatoo, Cocklerina, Chockalott and Wee Juggler.

Where did Thomas Mitchell go on his first expedition?

On his first expedition, Mitchell set off in 1831 to explore a river to the north west of Sydney, reported by an escaped convict. They passed a number of rivers and Mitchell believed that they were all part of the Darling River system.

What did Sir Thomas Mitchell do in Australia?

In 1838, Mitchell was knighted and became Sir Thomas Mitchell. He was responsible for exploring vast areas of south-eastern Australia and opening up new grazing lands in the southern parts of Victoria. These he named “Australia Felix”. He led four main expeditions.

What did Thomas Mitchell do in the Darling River?

He explored parts of the Namoi, Gwydir and Barwon rivers, but returned to Sydney after Aboriginals killed two of his party. Governor Bourke then asked Mitchell to investigate the course of the Darling River, which Charles Sturt had recently discovered.

What kind of award does Thomas Mitchell have?

Mitchell is also the namesake in the highest honour of the New South Wales Surveyors Awards, the Sir Thomas Mitchell Excellence in Surveying Award.