What does NetApp company do?

What does NetApp company do?

Founded in 1992 and headquartered in San Jose, California, NetApp specializes in helping our customers get the most out of their data with industry-leading cloud data services, storage systems, and software.

What is NetApp known for?

NetApp, Inc. engages in the design, manufacture, marketing, and technical support of storage and data management solutions. It offers cloud data services, data storage software, data backup and recovery, all-flash storage, converged systems, data infrastructure management, ONTAP data security, and hybrid flash storage.

Is NetApp a cloud provider?

We’re the cloud storage specialists We focus on cloud data solutions. Think unmatched control, protection, and efficiency for applications in the cloud. It’s why three of the world’s leading cloud providers—AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud—collaborate with us to deliver native solutions in their clouds.

Does AWS use NetApp?

AWS recently introduced Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, a native AWS managed service powered by NetApp ONTAP. The popular features and performance of ONTAP file systems are now fully integrated with the agility, scalability, security, and resiliency of AWS.

Why is NetApp so good?

Richer Data Protection NetApp delivers non-stop access to business-critical data. Synchronous replication is built into our DNA with no need to assign new workloads to pods to replicate a new dataset. With NetApp – recovery times are measured in seconds at petabyte-scale.

Is NetApp a good company?

Solid company with good opportunities NetApp generally has a good culture and good people. Compensation and benefits are good and include a nice annual bonus based on company performance. Given its position in the tech industry, the company pivots to meet shifting market needs. This has led to less stability over time.

What is a volume in cloud?

A cloud volume is any volume that is enabled for transparent cloud tiering. After transparent cloud tiering is enabled on a volume, point-in-time copies, or snapshots, can be created and copied to cloud storage that is provided by a cloud service provider.

What are three benefits of cloud volumes service?

NetApp Cloud Volumes Service offers important benefits.

  • No need to rewrite apps.
  • You get NAS volumes over NFS and SMB with all-flash performance.
  • Because it’s fully managed, it handles configuring, managing, and orchestrating file services in your public cloud environment so you don’t have to.

What are two features of cloud volumes ontap?

Cloud Volumes ONTAP enables you to optimize your cloud storage costs and performance while enhancing data protection, security and compliance.

  • Control & Automation.
  • Security & Compliance. Keep data secure and.
  • Optimized Resources. Cut up to 90% of storage costs.
  • Resilient Architecture.
  • Unified Storage.

What makes NetApp unique?

Only NetApp delivers both cloud data services to your data center and enterprise storage capabilities to the public cloud. NetApp gives you a unified software-defined experience to manage your data across the world’s biggest clouds, private clouds, and on premises.

What type of storage is NetApp?

data storage
The NetApp storage system is a hardware- and software-based data storage and retrieval system. It responds to network requests from clients and fulfills them by writing data to or retrieving data from its disk array.

Is NetApp a big company?

NetApp, Inc. is an American hybrid cloud data services and data management company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. It has ranked in the Fortune 500 since 2012….NetApp.

NetApp headquarters in Sunnyvale
Type Public
Traded as Nasdaq: NTAP S&P 500 component
Industry Cloud Computing Storage Device
Founded 1992

What is the culture at NetApp like?

NetApp is an enjoyable place to work. They have identified key areas and are investing to succeed in those areas. The culture is one that promotes collaboration and generally treats people well.

Why is NetApp successful?

One of the reasons for its popularity is its strong value proposition. As one of the very few B2B focused accelerators in India, the NetApp Excellerator enables startups to create innovative market-ready products and solutions by providing access to NetApp’s expertise and its ecosystem of partners and customers.

What can NetApp’s Cloud Volumes services do?

With consistently high performance, over 450K IOPS, NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service provides shared persistent storage with high throughput and low latency that meets the demands of large databases and HPC applications, like software builds, genomic sequencing, video rendering and transcoding, EDA., financial simulation models, oil and gas 3D modeling, and fluid dynamics.

What are snapshots in NetApp?

NetApp ® Snapshot™ technology is the basis of a unique ecosystem of high-availability, disaster-tolerant, and data-protection solutions for your ONTAP ® environment. Because Snapshot copies have no performance impact, use minimal storage space, and are safe to deploy on running systems, system administrators use them to protect their data by taking and maintaining frequent, low-impact copies of files, directory hierarchies, LUNs, and/or application data on a running system.