What does PA mean real estate?

What does PA mean real estate?

Professional Association
The PA stands for Professional Association, so the DDPR or the state allows you to operate as a corporation either under a PA or an LLC.

What is the PA designation?

It is a designation that indicates someone who has completed medical school. PA, or physician assistant, is licensed to practice medicine with physician supervision.

What does pa stand for in business name?

professional association
If you’re starting a business that provides a professional service, you could consider both a professional association (PA) or a limited liability company (LLC).

What does PA mean at the end of a salary?

/ˌpiːˈeɪ/ abbreviation for per annum (= each year): a salary of $120,000 p.a. Synonyms. annually.

What does PA mean Spanish?

It is short for “para”, very common in informal spoken Spanish. It can become “p” too: para ti -> pa ti, para allá -> p’allá.

What does p.a.stand for in real estate?

“P.A.” is the abbreviation for “Professional Association”, a business corporation engaged in a primary business that provides a professional service.

Can a real estate agent have a PA designation?

Many real estate agents have a PA designation. Can anyone explain what that is? I know Public Accountant, Physicians Assistant, but I know several agents and they have not been to medical or law school. One person told me it is related to business, like an LLC, but I can’t find one answer that satisfies me, any ideas?

Can a realtor have a PA, LLC or PLLC?

PA, LLC, or PLLC for Florida Real Estate Agent / REALTOR? I am a licensed real estate agent and would like to understand what protections I might gain by doing business as a PA, LLC, or PLLC? Considering this will a professional services single member entity, are there any specific benefits to one entity type over the others?

Is the p.a.designation recognized in Florida?

It is not listed on the NAR or the CREA site as a recognized designation. Maybe someone just made it up. P.A. is a Professional Association, according to Florida law.