What is 52437 rounded to the nearest thousands?

What is 52437 rounded to the nearest thousands?

Answer: 52,437 rounded to the nearest thousand is 52,000. Since there is 4 in the hundreds place, 2 remains 2.

What is 67795 rounded to the nearest thousands?

nearest thousand = 68000.

What is 80531 to the nearest thousand?

80,531 rounded to the nearest thousand is 81,000.

What is 56500 to the nearest 1000?


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  • 56500.
  • nearest thousand => 56000 or 57000.
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How do you round off numbers to the nearest 1000?

Round off to Nearest 1000

  1. A large number may be rounded off to the nearest 1000, 10000 and more.
  2. Rule II: If the digit in the hundreds place is = to or > 5, then the hundreds place is replaced by ‘0’ and the thousands place is increased by 1.
  3. (ii) 8039 → 8000.
  4. (iii) 9985 → 10000.
  5. (iv) 3500 → 4000.
  6. (v) 16796 → 17000.

How do you round to the nearest thousand example?

The rounding of numbers to the nearest thousandth means rounding of any decimal numbers to its nearest thousandth value. In the decimal system, thousandth means (1/1000) or 0.001. For example, the number 3.1249 rounded to its nearest thousandth is 3.125.

What rounded to the nearest hundred?

The rule for rounding to the nearest hundred is to look at the tens digit. If it is 5 or more, then round up. If it is 4 or less, then round down. Basically,in each hundred, all numbers up to 49 round down and numbers from 50 to 99 round up to the next hundred.

What is the nearest thousandth?

What is round to 30000 rounded to the nearest ten thousand?

And so if we round 34699 to the nearest ten thousand, it becomes 30000.

What is to the nearest 1000?

Rounding to the nearest thousand means to write down the multiple of 1000 that is nearest to our number. The thousands digit will either remain the same or it will increase by one.

Which number will round down to 80000?

So 80000 is the answer. since we are looking for the smallest number, the somethings must be zeros. That means the smallest number rounding up to 80000 in the thousands column is 79500.