What is another name for a whales tail?

What is another name for a whales tail?

A whale’s tail is called its flukes. The flukes are used in swimming.

What is a whale tail slang?

noun. (slang) An unintentional display of a thong etc above the waistband of trousers etc. noun. An automotive spoiler. noun.

What is the real name of a whale’s tale?

Flukes are the two lobes of the whale tail. While each whale has flukes, flukes themselves differ from species to species. In some whale species, flukes are so distinctive that researchers use them like fingerprints to identify individuals.

Why is it called a whale tail?

A whale tail is a visible thong; with the Y-section of the thong or G-string showing above the pants waistband. When worn with low-cut jeans, the Y-section gives the impression of a whale tail coming from the back of a pair of pants, hence the name.

What is the function of a whales tail?

The tail fin, or fluke, is used for propulsion through the water. Although they no longer have hind limbs, whales and dolphins still have vestigial pelvis bones. In some species these are used to help support reproductive organs.

What does whale stand for?


Acronym Definition
WHALE We Have A Little Emergency

Why did Jonah get eaten by a whale?

In the Book of Jonah, the Biblical prophet is attempting to avoid God’s command that he go and prophesize the doom of the city of Nineveh. As he sails toward Tarshish, a storm hits the ship and sailors throw Jonah overboard as a sacrifice to save themselves. Jonah is then swallowed by a great fish.

How do you identify a whale’s tail?

Check the size and color of the whale’s tail.

  1. The best time to see the fluke is when the whale surfaces. Some species raise their flukes to dive again.
  2. Humpback whale flukes, for instance, have white spots or undersides and ridges on the ends.
  3. The fluke is smooth and black on southern right and sperm whales.

Do whales have a tail?

The tails of some whales, such as humpbacks, have distinctive markings which enables scientists to individually identify each whale. Other uses for the tail include occasionally slapping them on the surface of the water as a form of communication or to stun prey at the surface or underwater.

Why are whale tails horizontal?

It reflects the evolutionary history of locomotion. Their distant land mammal descendants evolved to run with limbs underneath: an unstable gait allowing rapid direction changes. To extend the stride, their spine flexes up-and-down. Marine mammals kept this movement, for which a horizontal tail is best.

What do you call the tail of a whale?

WHALE FLUKES. A whale’s tail is called its flukes. The flukes are used in swimming. Flukes are also used in lobtailing, an activity in which some whales stick their tail out of the water into the air, swing it around, and then slap it on the water’s surface. This slapping motion makes a very loud sound.

What do the flukes on a whale’s tail do?

WHALE FLUKES. A whale’s tail is composed of two lobes, each of which is called a fluke. There is a notch, a v-shaped indentation where the flukes (or lobes) of a whale’s tail meet. Flukes move up and down to propel the whale through the water. (This is unlike fish tails which move left and right.) Flukes have no bones in them.

Who are some famous women with whale tails?

Popularized by a number of female celebrities including Christina Aguilera, Victoria Beckham, Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, displaying whale tails became popular in the early 2000s, together with the rise of low-rise jeans and thong underwear; but waned within the decade.

What kind of bike is called a whale tail?

A flash diffuser designed by photographer Gary Fong is dubbed as the “whale tail”. In bicycling terms, a style of saddles designed for Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB) is sometimes called a whale tail, as well as a certain array of LED blinker on bicycle helmets.