What is special about cocker spaniel?

What is special about cocker spaniel?

Cocker spaniels are known for being gentle, easy-going and affectionate yet lively. They are generally considered good with children. They tend to be non-aggressive toward other animals and people, but that also means they are not particularly good watchdogs.

What do I need to know about cocker spaniels?

The cocker spaniel is active but doesn’t need constant exercise. They love playing fetch, going on long, brisk walks, or playing with other dogs as a way to expel energy. They can also participate in obedience or agility classes that help channel their energy. Cocker spaniels live between 10-14 years on average.

Are spaniels good family dogs?

Are Cocker Spaniels good family pets? Yes, these gorgeous pups are a gentle, kind and loving companion and are brilliant to consider if you have young children. They are famous for their merry, sound and trustworthy temperament.

What are bad things about cocker spaniels?

List of the Cons of Cocker Spaniel Ownership

  • Some cocker spaniels can be overly aggressive with their behavior.
  • They don’t like to hang around rowdy children.
  • Cocker spaniels require a significant amount of exercise.
  • Heavy grooming is necessary to maintain its coat.

Do cocker Spaniels bark a lot?

Cocker Spaniels can be high strung, vocal dogs, so your Cocker Spaniel is particularly prone to develop a habit of barking at delivery people. The reason this behavior can be difficult to eradicate is that the behavior is self-rewarding.

How do cocker Spaniels show affection?

Many Cockers enjoy get up close and personal on their human’s lap, chest, head, face (it’s true), or right by their side. Some people love the idea of cozying up on the couch at night, watching television, and having a Cocker Spaniel cuddled up with them.

Are all Cocker spaniels crazy?

Cocker Spaniels are always excitable, no matter how old they get. Even if a Cocker Spaniel is five months or sixteen years in age; they will have this glimmer of excitement in their eyes and remain playful until the very end!

Do Cocker spaniels attach to one person?

Do Cocker spaniels attach to one person? In my experience most dogs attach to different members of the home at different times, and Cocker do this too. Rather than having a favourite person they tend to have a favourite person for different things.

Why do cocker spaniels stink?

A smelly cocker spaniel might have a problem with their bottom or his anal glands. The easiest way to determine if they have blocked anal glands is by the pungent, rotten smell coming out of their bottoms. Cocker spaniels need their anal glands expressed or emptied.

Can cocker spaniels be aggressive?

Although they are popular family pets, cocker spaniels are consistently ranked among the most aggressive dogs. However, each dog is an individual, and aggression is a highly preventable behavior problem. While it’s easier to prevent aggression than treat it, even the most aggressive dogs can usually learn gentle ways.