What is the adjective for expel?

What is the adjective for expel?

Capable of being expelled or driven out.

What is the verb of expulsion?

verb (used with object), ex·pelled, ex·pel·ling. to drive or force out or away; discharge or eject: to expel air from the lungs; to expel an invader from a country. to cut off from membership or relations: to expel a student from a college.

Is Karma a noun or adjective?

noun. kar·​ma | \ ˈkär-mə also ˈkər- \

Is expel a transitive verb?

transitive verbtransitive verb expels, transitive verb expelling, transitive verb expelled.

What’s the difference between suspended and expelled?

What is the difference between suspension and expulsion? The main difference between suspension and expulsion is the amount of time a student must stay out of school. A suspension can only last for up to ten days. An expulsion can last for up to one year.

How do you use the word expel in a sentence?

Expel sentence example

  1. She forced her lips to expel it.
  2. Attempts were made to expel him, but without success.
  3. An unsuccessful attempt was also made to expel him from the Union League Club of New York.
  4. It’s my duty to expel you.
  5. We normally expel the Ancient Ones.

What is the base word of expulsion?

In fact, the Latin root word of expulsion is expellere, “to drive out.”

Is karma a proper noun?

Karma is a key component of many Eastern religions and philosophies, including Hinduism, Buddhism and even Taoism. When used in a religious context, Karma is often (but not exclusively) capitalized.

Is karma a Hindi word?

Karma means action, work, or deed. साधारण बोलचाल की भाषा में कर्म का अर्थ होता है ‘क्रिया’। व्याकरण में क्रिया से निष्पाद्यमान फल के आश्रय को कर्म कहते हैं। “राम घर जाता है’ इस उदाहरण में “घर” गमन क्रिया के फल का आश्रय होने के नाते “जाना क्रिया’ का कर्म है।

Is expel a noun or verb?

To expel is to drive out, and its usual noun is expulsion. Expel is similar to eject, but expel suggests pushing out while eject suggests throwing out.

Is being expelled permanent?

Expulsion refers to a permanent removal of a student from his or her regular educational setting due to a violation of serious schools rules or policies. The length and reason for expulsion vary by state and school district.

What happens if you get expelled?

​​Being expelled means a student is permanently excluded from attending a school. It’s the most serious discipline option for a school.