What is the advantage of using digital thermometer than a mercury thermometer?

What is the advantage of using digital thermometer than a mercury thermometer?

1. Digital thermometers provide faster results. Digital thermometers provide fast results as opposed to mercury thermometers whose readings are slower to realize because you have to wait for the mercury to heat and then slowly rise to display the temperature.

What is the advantage of a glass thermometer?

They are comparatively cheaper than other temperature measurement devices. They are handy and convenient to use. Unlike electrical thermometers, they do not necessitate power supply or batteries for charging. They can be frequently applied in areas where there is problem of electricity.

What are advantages of using digital thermometer Class 7?

Digital thermometers provide temperature readings in decimal points, for an accurate and specific reading. They are multifunctional: you can find digital thermometers coupled with timers or alarms for different uses.

What are the advantages of mercury thermometer?


  • It is a good conductor of heat and hence, can measure even high temperatures.
  • It gives results quickly – has a fast response time.
  • It expands linearly and less than alcohol and any other liquid.
  • It is more durable than alcohol thermometer because mercury does not evaporate easily.

What are the disadvantages of thermometer?

A thermometer comparison

advantages disadvantages
Alcohol thermometer (compared to a mercury thermometer)
lower freezing point (-114 C) less durable (alcohol evaporates)
larger coefficient of expansion alcohol can polymerise
less hazardous fluid loss by evaporation hard to avoid

What are the benefits of digital thermometer?

Benefits of Digital Thermometers

  • Digital thermometers can read temperatures fast and with high accuracy.
  • They are handy and easy to use; you can even carry the thermometer in your bag.
  • The display is easy to read.
  • A digital thermometer isn’t expensive.
  • They do not require any special maintenance.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mercury thermometer?

A thermometer comparison

advantages disadvantages
Mercury thermometer
cheap display is harder to read
durable does not work below -39 C (Hg freezing pount)
accurate cannot be used for thermograph