What is the point of view of how my brother Leon brought a wife?

What is the point of view of how my brother Leon brought a wife?

The story is told in the 1st person point of view and this narrator is Baldo, the younger brother of Leon.

How My Brother Leon Brought Home a wife plot structure?

The plot of the story is how the city bride of a village boy adjusts to a life of simplicity and toil in the village. The couple gets married in the city and visits the village to start their new life and integrate with the rest of the family.

How My Brother Leon Brought Home a wife characters characteristics?

CHARACTERS Baldo ROLE CHARACTERISTICS The one who narrated the He is obedient, innocent, story and younger brother and naive boy. of Leon. Leon (Or Noel) The older brother of He was a responsible, Baldo who brought home gentle, and a loving a wife.

How did Leon bring home his wife?

It was test designed to see if she can adjust and accept the life of the village and make it her home. Baldo reassures him about her live for Leon and commitment to their marriage. He confirms his observation that Maria was ready to embrace their house as her home.

Why did father instruct Baldo to follow the wait instead of the Camino Real?

But the correct answer why his father wants Baldo to go to Waig road instead of Camino Real is because the Waig was told to be dry and rough, which his father tests Maria (a city girl which means smooth and concrete roads) if what is her reaction riding to a dry and rough road.

What are plot terms?

Generally speaking, every plot has these five elements in this order: Exposition/introduction. Rising action. Climax/turning point. Falling action.

When my brother Leon brought a wife?

Written by Manuel Arguilla, “How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife” is the story of a man introducing his city-born wife to his more provincial family. To summarize the story, Baldo was able to meet his brother’s wife Maria, As Baldo saw his older brother’s wife, he described her as lovely, tall, and beautiful.

Will Maria be a good wife to Leon?

maria will surely be a good wife for Leon because of the fact that she’d given up her life in the city just to live with Leon in the province despite all her struggles in adjusting in the new environment.

Why was it important to Leon to introduce Maria to his family?

Why was it is important to Leon to introduce Maria to his family? When leon intoduced maria to his younger brother as his wife and Baldo thinking deeply if father will like Maria. He is thinking if Maria will survive the life in the rural areas. Leon introduced Maria as his wife to his whole family.

How did Baldo describe the woman?

How did Baldo describe the woman? So far, Baldo had been describing Maria as an exceptional woman and mostly compliments her. “Her teeth are very white, her eyes were so full of laughter, and there was the small dimple high up on her right cheek”; “her voice flowed into his like a gentle stream meeting a stronger one”.

What is the meaning of El Camino Real?

The Royal Road
In California, the name El Camino Real (“The Royal Road”) has resonated for generations. Extending over 600 miles from San Diego in the south to Sonoma in the north, El Camino Real was, in essence, California’s first highway, connecting 21 Franciscan missions.