What is this word absentmindedly?

What is this word absentmindedly?

: tending to forget or not pay attention Two absentminded students forgot their homework today. Other Words from absentminded. absentmindedly adverb He absentmindedly drove past his exit.

How do you describe an absent-minded person?

Absent-mindedness is where a person shows inattentive or forgetful behavior. intense attention to a single object of focus (hyperfocus) that makes a person oblivious to events around him or her; unwarranted distraction of attention from the object of focus by irrelevant thoughts or environmental events.

What is a antonym for absentmindedly?

Antonyms: alert, attentive, on hand, prompt, ready, thoughtful, wide-awake. Synonyms: absent, absorbed, abstracted, heedless, inattentive, indifferent, listless, negligent, oblivious, preoccupied, thoughtless.

What is the another word for absent?

Some common synonyms of absent are absentminded, abstracted, distracted, and preoccupied. While all these words mean “inattentive to what claims or demands consideration,” absent stresses inability to fix the mind on present concerns due more to mental wandering than to concentration on other matters.

Is absent mindedness a word?

Some common synonyms of absentminded are absent, abstracted, distracted, and preoccupied. While all these words mean “inattentive to what claims or demands consideration,” absentminded implies that the mind is fixed elsewhere and often refers to a habit of abstractedness.

How do I know if I’m absent minded?

Being absent minded does not necessarily mean forgetfulness. It could mean that you are preoccupied or absorbed in something else, and therefore, are inattentive to your immediate surroundings. It could mean that you are easily distracted by thoughts, people and external events, due to lack of focus.

What is a absent minded person called?

What’s another word for carelessly?

1 inattentive, incautious, unwary, indiscreet, reckless. 2 inaccurate, negligent. 3 unthoughtful, unmindful. 4 thoughtless, forgetful; inconsiderate.

Was absent or is absent?

Absent vs Absence Absent is a word in English language that is used to refer to something or someone who is not present or missing. Absence is another word that is the state of being absent. This means that if someone is not present, he is absent and his absence is noted.

What’s the opposite of success?

What is the opposite of success?

failure capitulation
defeat bungle
bust loss
misfortune downfall
false step faux pas

What is an example of absent mindedness?

Absent-mindedness–lapses of attention and forgetting to do things. Examples, said Schacter, are forgetting where you put your keys or glasses. He noted a particularly famous instance in which cellist Yo-Yo Ma forgot to retrieve his $2.5 million cello from the trunk of a New York City cab.

How do I know if I’m absent-minded?