Where does the old man promise to go if he is able to catch the fish?

Where does the old man promise to go if he is able to catch the fish?

Although he is not religious, Santiago promises to say ten Our Fathers and ten Hail Marys and to make a pilgrimage to the Virgin of Cobre if he catches the marlin.

Which part of the body of the fish is attacked by the old man in order to kill it?

Except for its jaws full of talonlike teeth, the shark is a beautiful fish. When the shark hits the marlin, the old man sinks his harpoon into the shark’s head. The shark lashes on the water and, eventually, sinks, taking the harpoon and the old man’s rope with it.

How does Santiago tell the fish when the sun rises next morning?

A11. What does Santiago tell the fish when the sun rises next morning? When the sun rises the next morning, Santiago tells the fish that he loves and respects him very much. He also tells the fish that he will kill it dead before the day ends.

Why does the old man want the fish to come up?

When he sees two porpoises playing in the water, Santiago begins to pity his quarry and consider it a brother. Santiago hopes that the fish will jump, because its air sacs would fill and prevent the fish from going too deep into the water, which would make it easier to pull out.

What does old man call the sea?

The old man calls the sea “la mar” because he likes to think of it as a woman that gives or withholds great favors. The gigantic marlin that provides the main conflict for the novel is the first thing the old man catches.

What happens at the end of Old man and the Sea?

Santiago kills a great mako shark with his harpoon, but he loses the weapon. He makes a new harpoon by strapping his knife to the end of an oar to help ward off the next line of sharks; five sharks are slain and many others are driven away.

Why did Santiago finally lose hope?

Why did Santiago finally lose hope? He lost hope because the sharks ate basically all the meat on the fish. Because the sharks ate the fish.

Why does Santiago now regret killing the fish?

Even as he remains determined to kill the marlin, Santiago feels sorry that it has had nothing to eat. He feels that the people it will feed are not worthy of this great fish.

What does Santiago tell himself after killing the fish?

After killing the marlin that he calls brother, Santiago tells himself he must now do the slave work of lashing the fish to the boat and bringing it in. Although he thinks of the money the fish will bring, Santiago thinks even more of the fact that the great DiMaggio would be proud of him this day.

How does the old man feel when the fish is killing him?

The old man thinks that the fish is killing him, and admires him for it, saying, “I do not care who kills who.” Eventually, he pulls the fish onto its side by the boat and plunges his harpoon into it. The fish lurches out of the water, brilliantly and beautifully alive as it dies.

Why do boys stop fishing in Santiago?

The boy is not fishing with the old man anymore because his father believes the old man doesn’t bring good luck since he hasn’t caught a fish in eighty four days.

Why can’t Santiago look at the mutilated marlin?

Why can Santiago not look at the mutilated marlin? The marlin was his friend and he doesn’t think he honored the fish.