Where is the inertia switch?

Where is the inertia switch?

The inertia switch is located behind the trim on the left-hand side of the vehicle, forward of the front door post, below the fascia. A finger access hole in the trim allows the driver to reset the switch.

What is a fuel pump inertia switch?

Commonly referred to as the inertia switch, the fuel pump shut off switch is designed to shut off the fuel pump when it is detected that the vehicle has come to an unusually sudden, or forceful stop. The switch will usually come with a reset button that will reactivate the fuel pump if the switch was tripped.

What triggers an inertia switch?

An inertial switch is a switch, firmly mounted upon a vehicle or other mobile device, that triggers in the event of shock or vibration. It is a part of electrical circuits that may either enable or disable some function.

How do you open the fuel cap on a Discovery 4?

The fuel filler flap is located on the right side of the vehicle, at the rear.

  1. Press and release the rear of the fuel filler flap to unlatch.
  2. Pull the flap open.
  3. Turn the filler cap counter-clockwise to undo.
  4. Use the retaining clip to keep the filler cap out of the way while fueling.

Do all vehicles have an inertia switch?

The fuel pump shut off switch is designed to disengage the power to the fuel pump when a vehicle comes to an instant stop. Most vehicles today have an inertia switch near the main air bag module with a reset button. All vehicles have a reset switch, but most of them need a dealer to access it after a collision.

How do I reset my Discovery 4?

Open the driver’s door. Depress and hold the gas and brake pedals for 60 seconds. Then turn the ignition to “off” and verify that the light has been reset.

How do you open a petrol cap?

Put the key in the lock and turn it to the left, holding the cap stationary. Take the key out then unscrew the cap. Locking is the reverse procedure – turn the cap until it clicks then insert the key and turn it to the right. White High Up!

Will a inertia switch reset itself?

Can an inertia switch reset itself? A good inertia switch should trip completely on a collision only(sudden stop or airbag deployment), so engine wouldn’t restart without a reset. And a good switch wouldn’t trip by being towed or hitting a bump, nor reset itself, so you could have a bad switch.

Is there an inertia switch on a Land Rover?

I am working with a 2000 Land Rover Discovery II with 118k miles. I have been having issues with.. what I am thinking is my inertia switch. The vehicle will turn over and everything has power.

What are the faults in a Land Rover Discovery 4?

Land Rover L319 Discovery 4 2.7L TDV6: turbocharger actuator arm corrosion 1 A loss of engine power; 2 Illumination of the Check Engine Lamp (CEL); and, 3 Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) for turbocharger boost pressure faults.

What’s the VIN on a Land Rover Discovery 4?

In 2014, Land Rover UK issued a ‘non-code action’ for Land Rover Discovery 4 vehicles that had VINs in the range SALLAAAD4AA510178 to SALLAAAG5FA744273.

Why does my Land Rover Discovery not start?

In these vehicles, the engine may not start or may stop running without warning due to an incorrectly manufactured crank position sensor. If the latter occurred, the vehicle would lose power braking and steering assistance such that increased brake pedal and steering effort would be required to control the vehicle.