Where is the medicine for olivine gym leader?

Where is the medicine for olivine gym leader?

Cianwood City
The gym leader begs you to travel across the water to the west to grab medicine from Cianwood City. Agree to do so, and then use the elevator to reach the first floor of the lighthouse, where you can then head back outside and begin your westward journey (grab the Super Potion before leaving the top floor!)

Where is the medicine in Cianwood?

You have to head to Cianwood City to get the medicine for the Ampharos in Olivine city, and while you’re there, you should pick up the Gym Badge too. You’ll get something very cool if you win. Crush the boulders near the top of the city to find some interesting stuff.

Where do you get the medicine for Ampharos in soul silver?

You surf to Cianwood City, then look for the pharmacy. A man will give you the medicine.

How do you heal Ampharos in HeartGold?

Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver The Secret Potion is given to Jasmine in the Glitter Lighthouse to cure a sick Ampharos named Amphy. Afterwards, she returns to the Olivine Gym, allowing the player to challenge her.

How do I get to Jasmine in HeartGold?

In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, Jasmine can be fought multiple times in Saffron City’s Fighting Dojo. She will use a stronger team here but will not appear until her Pokégear phone number has been obtained at the Olivine City diner.

How do you beat the gym leader in Olivine City?

Use fire, water, fighting or ground moves against it’s steel/ground type combo. When it’s HP gets low it has a Sitrus berry and Jasmine may use a Hyper Potion.

How do you fight the gym leader in Cianwood city?

There are two trainers guarding the stairs leading upward, however, so be ready for a fight. Though you only need to access the switch on the left in order to fight the gym leader, make sure to do battle with the two trainers on the right side of the room as well.

What level is Jasmine?

Jasmine comes to battle with two level thirty Magnetites and a lone level thirty-five Steelix. These guys are far, far stronger than the Pokemon you faced back at Chuck’s gym in Cianwood City, so you’re going to need to be prepared.

What Pokemon does the guy in Cianwood give you?

Before the player meets him, he is bullied by Silver into giving up his rare Pokémon—Sneasel.

Where is the medicine for Ampharos in the lighthouse?

How do you get Amphy in soul silver?

Amphy can be found at the top of Olivine’s Glitter Lighthouse. In the Generation II and IV games, however, it is sick when the player first arrives in Olivine City. After climbing the Lighthouse, Jasmine asks the player to travel across the sea to Cianwood City to get the SecretPotion that will cure Amphy.