Which are the two gases which make water?

Which are the two gases which make water?

Complete answer: When hydrogen gas and oxygen gas get combined together water, the liquid is formed. The water is formed by the process of condensation.

Is water made of oxygen?

Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen, and it exists in gaseous, liquid, and solid states.

Which is the main source of water?

Complete answer: The main source of water is the rainwater. The water cycle is a process that involves evaporation, condensation and precipitation and the output is rainwater. The water source is important in the water cycle.

Why is it called water gas?

Why (CO + H2) is called water gas? Water gas is mixture of CO gas and H2 gas.It is made by passing steam (water) over a red-hot carbon fuel such as coke resulting in the formation of a mixture of gases and hence known as water gas.

What is water gas explain?

: a poisonous flammable gaseous mixture that consists chiefly of carbon monoxide and hydrogen with small amounts of methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, is usually made by blowing air and then steam over red-hot coke or coal, and is used as a fuel or after carbureting as an illuminant.

How do you make hydrogen gas from water?

Make Hydrogen Gas – Method 1. One of the easiest ways to obtain hydrogen is to get it from water, H 2O. This method employs electrolysis, which breaks water into hydrogen and oxygen gas. Unbend the paperclips and connect one to each terminal of the battery. Place the other ends, not touching, into a container of water.

What gases are in the water?

and xenon are chemically unreactive.

  • Oxygen. Oxygen is a very important gas in the ocean because of its role in biological processes.
  • Nitrogen. Nitrogen is an essential nutrient required in the photosynthetic production of organic matter by marine plants.
  • What is water gas and produced gas?

    Water gas is a mixture of flammable gases while producer gas is a mixture of gases containing both flammable and non-flammable gases. The flammable gases that we refer here are carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas. The non-flammable gases include nitrogen and carbon dioxide mainly. This is the main difference between water gas and producer gas.

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