Which instruction would not affect the zero flag?

Which instruction would not affect the zero flag?

Explanation: DC x rp instructions would not affected zero flag. The zero flag is a single bit flag that is a central feature on most conventional CPU architectures.

Which instructions No flags are affected?

As there is no arithmetic or logical operation being performed, no flags are affected by data transfer instructions. Arithmetic instruction: Arithmetic Instructions are the instructions that perform basic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, and a few more.

Which flag is affected by DCX instruction in 8085?

Though, it is an arithmetic instruction, note that flags are not at all affected by the execution of this instruction. A register pair is generally used to store 16-bit memory address….Instruction type DCX rp in 8085 Microprocessor.

Mnemonics, Operand Opcode(in HEX) Bytes
DCX H 2B 1

Which flag is affected by instruction DCR B?

DCR B will decrease the content of the register B by 1. DCR operation doesn’t affect Carry flag(CY). (FFH) this will be the content of the B. So after this operation the content of the registers and flag will be like figure given below.

Which is the only instruction that uses auxiliary carry flag?

Auxiliary Carry Flag (AF) is one of the six status flags in the 8086 microprocessor. This flag is used in BCD (Binary-coded Decimal) operations. The status of this flag is updated for every arithmetic or logical operation performed by ALU.

What is the importance of zero flag?

Along with a carry flag, a sign flag and an overflow flag, the zero flag is used to check the result of an arithmetic operation, including bitwise logical instructions. It is set to 1, or true, if an arithmetic result is zero, and reset otherwise.

What is the purpose of zero flag?

What does the instruction dad H stand for?

Double ADd
As the 8085 internal architecture is only 8-bits, this instruction easily takes double the time needed to add two 8-bit numbers. Here, DAD is a mnemonic, which stands for Double ADd and also rp stands for any one of the following register pairs as mentioned below.

Which instruction in 8085a has maximum number of T states?

Full Member level 5. i 8085 microprocessor why the call instuction has highest T states for opcode fetch(i.e,6T states)? most of the instructions in 8085 are having only 4T states for the opcode fetch, why for call 6 T states?

Which flag is affected by MOV instruction?

The MOV instruction never affects the flags. Whenever the destination operand equals Zero, the Zero flag is set. A flag is set when it equals 1. A flag is clear when it equals 0.

What is the difference between carry and auxiliary carry flag?

From what I seem to know by now is that the Carry Flag is used when you try, let’s say, 255+9 when you only have 8 bits for data, The Auxiliary Flag is the same, but only for the 4 last bits?? And The Overflow is used when you have 7 bits for the binary number and the 8(left-most ) is used for the sign???

Which flag get set when the result is zero?

Zero flag (ZF) – the zero flag is set(1) when the result of an arithmetic operation is zero.