Which pope was born in Poland?

Which pope was born in Poland?

Wadowice, Poland
Pope John Paul II/Place of birth

What did Pope John Paul II do in Poland?

John Paul II was a spiritual authority behind the overthrowing of communism. Poles finally had an international non-communist figure to look up to. The Pope used this, fighting not against the communists but against the abnormal situation of Poland as a totalitarian country.

What nationality was Pope John Paul II?

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On May 18, 1920, Karol Jozef Wojtyla is born in the Polish town of Wadowice, 35 miles southwest of Krakow. Wojtyla went on to become Pope John Paul II, history’s most well-traveled pope and the first non-Italian to hold the position since the 16th century.

When was Polish pope elected?

October 16, 1978
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On October 16, 1978, Cardinal Karol Wojtyła from Poland was elected Pope, taking the name of John Paul II. Karol Wojtyła was elected in the eighth round of voting, by a vast majority of votes cast by 111 cardinals present at the conclave. JPII was the first non-Italian head of the Catholic Church in over 450 years.

Who was the last Polish pope?

Pope Saint John Paul II
Pope John Paul II

Pope Saint John Paul II
Died 2 April 2005 (aged 84) Apostolic Palace, Vatican City
Denomination Catholic
Previous post(s) Auxiliary Bishop of Kraków, Poland (1958–1964) Titular Bishop of Ombi (1958–1964) Archbishop of Kraków, Poland (1964–1978) Cardinal Priest of San Cesareo in Palatio (1967–1978)

Who was pope for the longest time?

Pope Pius IX (Italian: Pio IX, Pio Nono; born Giovanni Maria Mastai Ferretti; 13 May 1792 – 7 February 1878) was head of the Catholic Church from 1846 to 1878, the longest verified papal reign….Pope Pius IX.

Pope Blessed Pius IX
Papacy ended 7 February 1878
Predecessor Gregory XVI
Successor Leo XIII