Which region is Kiboga in Uganda?

Which region is Kiboga in Uganda?

Buganda Region
Kiboga is a town in the Buganda Region of Uganda….Kiboga.

Kiboga Kiboga Municipality
Country Uganda
Region Buganda Region
District Kiboga District
Elevation 3,870 ft (1,180 m)

How many counties are in Kiboga district?

one county
The district has one county, 3 Town Councils, 11 Sub-counties and a total of xx parishes/wards, no Town boards and xxx village councils.

When was Kiboga district created?

Welcome to Kiboga District The district was formed in 1991. It is predominantly a rural district. The district is traversed by a major highway linking Kampala with Hoima, the base of Uganda’s petrochemical industry.

Which district is kyankwanzi?

Kyankwanzi District is the northernmost district in the Buganda Region of Uganda and Buganda Kingdom, bordering Bunyoro….

Kyankwanzi District
Elevation 1,200 m (3,900 ft)
Population (2012 estimate)
• Total 182,900
• Density 74.5/km2 (193/sq mi)

How many villages are in Kiboga district?

Kiboga is a district in Uganda. It has 7 subcounties, 37 parishes and 126 villages.

What region is Mubende?

Central Region of Uganda
Mubende is a district in the Central Region of Uganda. The town of Mubende is the site of the district headquarters.

How many sub counties are in Kyankwanzi district?

Subcounties in Kyankwanzi District, Uganda. Kyankwanzi is a district in Uganda. It has 7 subcounties, 46 parishes and 131 villages.

When did lyantonde become a district?

1st July 2007
Lyantonde District was created by the resolution of Parliament of the Republic of Uganda on 13th July 2006 and became effective 1st July 2007 it was curved out of Rakai District.

Which tribe comes from Mubende?

The community of Mubende is composed of people of different social and ethnic origins with majority being Baganda; 36.1% followed by Banyoro 14%, Banyankole 11.4%, Bakiga 10.7%, Bafumbira 9.9%, Banyarwanda 6.8%, Bakhonzo 3.1%, Batoro 2.5%, Basoga 0.7% and others 4.6%.

Is Mubende a Buganda?

Mubende was part of Buganda Kingdom at Independence in 1967. Following abolition of Kingdoms in 1967, It became on of the districts carved out of Buganda Kingdom.

Is lyantonde a district?

Welcome to Lyantonde District Lyantonde is located in the South-western region of Uganda. Lyantonde borders Rakai District in the South, Masaka in the East, Kiruhura in the West and Sembabule in the Northeast. The District headquarter is in Lyantonde Town Council.

How many sub counties are in Lyantonde district?

7 sub counties
Lyantonde District is a District found in the Buganda Sub-Region of Central Uganda. The district has 7 sub counties, 28 Parishes and 215 villages….Districts In Buganda Sub Region.

District No.
Kasanda District 131 Browse