Who is Blackburn Rovers all time top scorer?

Who is Blackburn Rovers all time top scorer?

Alan Shearer
Blackburn Rovers

# Player / Current club
1 Alan Shearer Retired 159
2 Jordan Rhodes Huddersfield Town 169
3 Adam Armstrong Southampton FC 160
4 Danny Graham Retired 191

How many goals did Shearer score for Blackburn?

260 goals
Alan Shearer hasn’t played in the Premier League in over a decade, but his record is still going strong. The former Newcastle United and Blackburn Rovers striker is the division’s all-time top goalscorer with an incredible 260 goals.

Who has the highest goal in Premier League history?


Rank Player Goals
1 Alan Shearer 260
2 Wayne Rooney 208
3 Andy Cole 187
4 Sergio Agüero 184

Who was the highest goal scorer?

Pele (Brazil) – 767 goals Pele is widely regarded as the best footballer ever, alongside Diego Maradona from the previous generations. He scored 643 goals for Brazilian club Santos, but claims have been made he scored over 1200 goals for them, which is a disputed figure.

How much is Blackburn Rovers worth?

EFL Championship

Club Owner(s) Estimated combined net worth
Blackburn Rovers V H Group (99.9%) $860M
Blackpool Simon Sadler (96.2%)
Bournemouth Maxim Demin $100M
Bristol City Stephen Lansdown $2.6B

Who owns Blackburn?

V H Group
Blackburn Rovers F.C./Owners

Who can beat Shearer’s record?

Agüero is the closest active Premier League player to Shearer’s record (181 goals), but with the Argentine calling it quits on his Manchester City future, it may be down to Kane (162) to beat his fellow Englishman’s record.

Who has scored the most goals for England?

Wayne Rooney

Characteristic Goals scored
Wayne Rooney 53
Bobby Charlton 49
Gary Lineker 48
Jimmy Greaves 44