Who is Madame Schachter and why is she important?

Who is Madame Schachter and why is she important?

She is a middle-aged woman who goes crazy after she’s separated from her husband and packed into a cattle car headed to Auschwitz. Throughout the long nights in the train, she punctuates the imprisoned Jews’ journey with screaming and rambling about fire and flames, warning and begging the Jews to see the fire.

Who was Madame Schachter in the novel night?

Madame Schächter is a character introduced relatively early in the novel Night (by Elie Wiesel). Madame Schächter is a woman who is on the same train as Elie (as a result of the moving of the Jewish people to concentration camps–as recalled by Elie in his novel).

Who was Madame Schachter quizlet?

Madame Schachter is friend of the Wiesel’s and used to go over to their house often in Sighet. She has three sons, and a husband. One son is 10 years old and her other sons are older, though their ages are never mentioned.

Why did Madame Schachter see a fire?

Madame Schachter’s vision of fire actually represents the crematorium where people are sent, dead or alive, to be burned if they cease to be useful to the Nazi party. Everyone on the train hatedMadame Schachter because she was screaming about her vision of flames which no one could see.

Why is everyone staring at the chimney?

Why is everyone staring at the chimney? It has flames rising in the black shy… just as Mrs. Schachter had said.

Why was Mrs Schachter screaming?

Madame Schächter, a middle-aged woman who is on the train with her ten-year-old son, soon cracks under the oppressive treatment to which the Jews are subjected. On the third night, she begins to scream that she sees a fire in the darkness outside the car.

What did Mrs Schachter foreshadow?

Madame Schachter’s nightmare foreshadowed the annihilation of many of Elie’s Jewish family and neighbors in the crematoriums at Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest of the Nazi concentration camps during World War two. Schachter’s nightmare foreshadowed death and the loss of humanity.

How was Madame Schachter treated?

Her madness disturbs and frightens the other prisoners on the train, including her ten-year-old son, and she is inconsolable despite efforts to calm her. The other passengers respond by tying, gagging, and violently striking her on the head to silence the screaming episodes.

What did the prisoners do to Madame Schachter?

Schächter loosens her bonds and begins screaming again. This time, several prisoners brutally beat her before gagging her again. Overall, Mrs. Schächter’s hysterical cries unnerve the other prisoners, who cannot deal with her screams and resort to violence to quell her cries.

Is Madame Schachter a mad woman?

Madame Schachter began as a madwoman who is distaught over the seperation of her family however, she is revealed as a prophet when they arive at Auschwitz and they see the Creamatorium.