Who was in charge of the Food Administration during ww1?

Who was in charge of the Food Administration during ww1?

2679-A of August 10, 1917, under authority of the Food and Fuel Control (Lever) Act of the same date, with Herbert Hoover as Food Administrator. Hoover had already established a headquarters for the agency on May 4, 1917, following his return from a fact-finding tour of Europe.

How did the government ensure that food made it to the troops?

Concerns over shortages led to the passage of the Lever Food and Fuel Control Act, which empowered the president to control the production, distribution, and price of all food products during the war effort. Using this law, Wilson created both a Fuel Administration and a Food Administration.

What was the role of the Food Administration in WWI?

The United States Food Administration was created by an Act of Congress on August 10, 1917 to provide further for the national security and defense by encouraging the production, conserving the supply, and controlling the distribution of food products.

Who was the leader of the Food Administration who promoted doing more with less why was he promoting this?

The Food Administration, headed by Herbert Hoover, worked to ensure the well being of the nation’s food supply. Hoover sought voluntary compliance for the food administration’s policies.

What is daylight savings time how did it contribute to the war effort?

Daylight-saving time was introduced as a temporary measure during World War I, as a way of conserving energy and providing more usable hours of daylight. Germany was the first to start using it, in 1916. The U.K. followed a few weeks later, and France and the U.S. followed suit.

How did conserving food and money actually help the war effort?

So that more food would be available for the troops. How did conserving food on the home front help the war effort? It allowed a larger supply of food to be sent to American troops and the Allies. This Socialist leader was arrested in 1918 for making an antiwar speech in Canton, Ohio.