Why did karen Traviss stop writing star wars?

Why did karen Traviss stop writing star wars?

Also, she’s completely quit writing Star Wars novels recently, due to difficulties steering through the canon. In other words: “For some reason Lucasfilm doesn’t think the movies should be renamed Mandalorians Rule The Galaxy And Jedi are Doodyheads”, so I’m taking my toys and going home! Waah waah waah.”

What book comes after 501st?

Imperial Commando

Type Title Timeline
Collection Republic Commando: Volume 1
Novel Republic Commando: True Colors 21 BBY
Novel Order 66: A Republic Commando Novel 20–19 BBY
Novel Imperial Commando: 501st 19 BBY

What happened Kal skirata?

Kad/Venku was able to walk before Darman knew he was the father, and Darman’s confusion as to how Kal could have hidden so much from him caused him to have a temporary mental break, punching Kal Skirata repeatedly, knocking out at least one tooth, and leaving Skirata’s face broken and bloody, while Kal apologized for …

Will there be another Republic Commando book?

Preceded by. Imperial Commando 2 is a canceled novel that was scheduled to follow Imperial Commando: 501st as a continuation of the Republic Commando series.

What is an imperial mandalorian?

This article is about the Imperial Mandalorians. The Imperial Super Commandos were Mandalorian warriors loyal to the Galactic Empire whose masterful combat skills were eclipsed only by their ruthlessness. They were led by Gar Saxon, the Imperial Viceroy of Mandalore.

What does red Mandalorian armor mean?

Mandalorian armor colors have their own meaning, here are the colors and their meanings: Gray = Mourning a Lost Love or Family member. Red = Honoring a Parent or leader. Black = Justice. Gold = Vengeance.

What mandalorians trained the clones?

The Cuy’val Dar were a group of one hundred individuals summoned by Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett, to come to the watery world of Kamino to train clone troopers for the Galactic Republic.

How many GB is Star Wars: Republic Commando?

2.0GB free hard disk space.