Why did Susan Dey leave Love & War?

Why did Susan Dey leave Love & War?

Love & War is an American sitcom television series which aired on CBS from September 21, 1992 to February 1, 1995. After the first season, however, the show was retooled and Dey was fired by the producers of the show, saying that she and Thomas had “no chemistry” together.

What happened between David Cassidy and Susan Dey?

During the production of The Partridge Family, Dey held romantic feelings for co-star David Cassidy. Dey and Cassidy eventually pursued a relationship when production on the show finished, but Cassidy broke it off as he did not reciprocate her feelings.

What happened Suzanne Crough?

Death. According to the coroner of Clark County, Nevada, Crough’s cause of death was arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia, a rare form of cardiomyopathy. Several of Crough’s Partridge Family co-stars paid tribute to her, including Shirley Jones and Danny Bonaduce.

What killed Suzanne Crough?

27 April 2015
Suzanne Crough/Date of death

Who married David Cassidy?

Sue Shifrinm. 1991–2016
Meryl Tanzm. 1984–1988Kay Lenzm. 1977–1983
David Cassidy/Spouse

Is anyone from The Partridge Family still alive?

Apart from Suzanne and David, the creator of the show, Bernard Slade, died from complications of Lewy body dementia on October 30, 2019. He was 89 years old. The rest of the members of the cast of “The Partridge Family” (Shirley Jones, Danny Bonaduce, Susan Dey, and Brian Forster) is still alive in doing well.

What did David Cassidy do illegally?

Cassidy was arrested on suspicion of DUI in California on January 10, 2014, after he made an illegal right turn against a red light.

What is Beau Cassidy doing now?

David Cassidy dies at 67 The Partridge Family star David Cassidy’s 26-year-old son Beau posted on Instagram an emotional response to his father’s death. Beau has followed in his parents’ footsteps — according to his IMDB bio, he is a singer, songwriter and actor based in New York and Los Angeles.