Why is Ellie Simmonds famous?

Why is Ellie Simmonds famous?

Ellie Simmonds OBE is one of the most recognised athletes in world para-swimming and caught the hearts of the British public with her tearful celebrations after winning gold at the Beijing Paralympic Games, before backing it up with more Paralympic titles at London 2012 and Rio 2016.

What is Ellie Simmonds disability?

Simmonds, who is 4ft tall due to the bone growth disorder achondroplasia, was one of several athletes subjected to a “climate of fear” in the British Para-swimming team.

Is Ellie Simmonds adopted?

Her closest challenge ought to come from American Jessica Long, the 400m freestyle Paralympic champion. She was born in Siberia with a condition called fibular hemimelia, adopted at the age of 13 months and taken to the United States where she had her lower legs amputated five months later.

What does Ellie Simmonds do for a living?

“But it’s not just Brownies. I’m a Scouts ambassador and I help out with dwarf sports. I think if we all just give one hour a week – not even that – [volunteering] is just an incredible thing.

Does Ellie Simmonds still swim?

She swims in the S6 disability category. On 2 September 2021, Simmonds announced her Paralympic retirement after missing out on a medal in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

Did Ellie Simmonds won in Tokyo?

Great Britain’s flagbearer in Tokyo failed to win a medal in the Japanese capital after she was disqualified in Thursday’s S6 400m freestyle final. Simmonds won a total of eight Paralympic medals across four Games, having made her debut at Beijing 2008 at the age of 13.

How did Ellie Simmonds get her disability?

Her disability, classified as Achondroplasia dwarfism proved no barrier to her and by the age of eight she was competing against able-bodied children. At the age of 10, her talent was spotted at a disability event and she was entered onto the British Swimming talent programme.

What happened with Ellie Simmonds?

Ellie Simmonds was initially disqualified from fifth place in the women’s 400m freestyle S6 for not touching the wall on her second turn. However, the swimmer was reinstated following a successful British Swimming appeal.

Does Ellie Simmonds have a sister?

Georgina Simmonds
Katie SimmondsPauline Simmonds
Ellie Simmonds/Sisters

What is Ellie Simmonds salary?

Currie says Simmonds is currently earning about £300,000, but adds that this could rise to £500,000 depedning on how well she performs. He adds: “Just four years ago, there would have been very little prospect of Paralympic athletes attracting significant levels of sponsorship.

Why did Ellie get disqualified?

The 26 year old was initially disqualified from her final race of the Tokyo Games despite touching home fifth in the final of the S6 400m freestyle. She was adjudged to have not touched the wall at 100m and was told of her disqualification after getting out of the water.

Did Ellie Simmonds get a medals?

Medals: Gold, 100m and 400m freestyle Her success earned her the BBC’s Young Sports Personality of the Year award and in the 2009 New Year Honours she became the youngest ever recipient of an MBE honour.