Why was Alexander so successful at expanding his empire?

Why was Alexander so successful at expanding his empire?

His ability to dream, plan and strategize on a large scale allowed him to win many battles, even when he was outnumbered. It also helped motivate his men, who knew they were part of one of the greatest conquests in history. Alexander could be inspiring and courageous, continued Abernethy.

How did Alexander the Great contribute to globalization?

He built an empire where harmony and prosperity reigned – a world pacified by commerce, and by what can be seen as the first globalization. Open roads of communication led to more open knowledge. People who up to then had been marginal were integrated into the human race, thanks to Alexander’s civilization building.

What did Alexander desire do?

From the beginning of his life, Alexander was taught to see Persians as barbarians to be conquered. This xenophobia fueled Alexander’s desire for conquest, as he was taught that his mission was grounded in a kind of natural law. However, Alexander would eventually depart from his old master’s attitude.

How did Alexander the Great expand Greek culture in conquered areas?

Alexander spread Greek culture throughout the Persian Empire, including parts of Asia and Africa. Alexander respected the local cultures he conquered, and allowed their customs to continue. Alexander himself embraced local customs, wearing Persian clothes and marrying Persian women.

Why did Alexander want to conquer the world?

He first wanted to win Persia because there was a clear animosity between Persia and Greece since Persians have enslaved several Greek zones in the past. Therefore, it was more of a revenge in his mind when he started. Alexander was impressed with the different cultures he encountered while on his way to Greece.

What was Alexander’s goal when he became ruler of Greece?

Alexander wanted all the people he conquered to accept him as their ruler. He also wanted to spread Greek culture. At the same time, he did not want to destroy every local custom in his empire. His goal was to bring people of very different cultures together under a single government.

What was Alexander’s biggest advantage in his conquests?

His enemy, the Persians, ruled a huge and unified empire with vast networks of roads linking its cities and far-flung provinces. Ironically, it was the unity of his opponents that became Alexander’s greatest administrative advantage in conquering them.