Are the Janoskians still friends?

Are the Janoskians still friends?

However, as of August 2018, they are no longer online as a group. Jai Brooks, in a video posted in May of this year, explained the reasons behind The Janoskians’ split. He said that when they first started the channel, they were just teenagers doing it for a hobby and weren’t “expecting to making a career out of it”.

Are the Janoskians brothers?

The Janoskians (Just another name of silly kids in another nation) are a YouTube comedy group from Melbourne, Australia, The group consists of elder brother Beau Brooks, twins Luke and Jai Brooks, and friends Daniel Sahyounie and James Yammouni.

What age are the Janoskians?

Beau Peter Brooks, born 31 July 1993 (1993-07-31) [age 28], the eldest of the Brooks Brothers. Beau is commonly known as the front man for their music, with many professions including singing, modelling and acting. Luke Anthony Mark Brooks, born 3 May 1995 (1995-05-03) [age 26], elder twin to Jai Brooks.

What happened to Jai Brooks?

Jai Brooks Jai stepped away from the music industry too. Now, he focuses much of his time on his art! That’s right, the former YouTube star sells gorgeous custom paintings now, and he even designs original tattoos for people.

How old is Beau Brooks?

28 years (31 July 1993)
Beau Brooks/Age

How old is Jai Brooks?

26 years (3 May 1995)
Jai Brooks/Age

How old is Luke Brooks?

26 years (21 December 1994)
Luke Brooks/Age

Who is Luke Brook?

Luke Brooks (born 21 December 1994) is an Australian professional rugby league footballer who plays as a halfback for the Wests Tigers in the NRL. He made an appearance for the NRL All Stars in 2015.

Who broke up with Ariana over text?

David has since revealed that Davidson dumped her with a text message, just one day before she learned he was dating Grande through Instagram. David told the Los Angeles Times that she had decided to take a break from their 2 1/2-year relationship, but quickly backpedaled and realized that it wasn’t what she wanted.

Did Ariana Grande date a Janoskians?

For those of you who don’t know, Jai is an Australian YouTuber and he is a member of the popular YouTube comedy group called The Janoskians. He and Ariana began dating each other on and off between 2012 and 2014.

Where is Beau Brooks from?

Melbourne, Australia
Beau Brooks/Place of birth

How tall is Luke Brooks?

1.8 m
Luke Brooks/Height