Why are you allowed to use the coarse adjustment when you focus the low power objective lens?

Why are you allowed to use the coarse adjustment when you focus the low power objective lens?

Coarse and fine adjustment The coarse adjustment knob should only be used with the lowest power objective lens. Once it is in focus, you will only need to use the fine focus. Using the coarse focus with higher lenses may result in crashing the lens into the slide.

Which focus adjustment do you use with the low power objective?

On LOW POWER ONLY, use the coarse focus knob to get the object into focus. If you cannot see anything, move the slide slightly while viewing and focusing.

Can the coarse focus adjustment be used on low and high power?

The coarse adjustment is ONLY used on LOW power. Using the coarse adjustment on HIGH power can DAMAGE the slide, objective or both. The eyepiece moves with a tube called the BODY TUBE. At the lower end of the body tube is the REVOLVING NOSEPIECE.

Why should you only use the fine adjustment knob when the high power objective is in position?

Why should you only use the fine adjust when the high-power objective is in position? Because the objective is so close to the stage/ specimen and you don’t want to damage anything .

Which adjustment knob is used with the 5x objective?

coarse adjustment knob
The coarse adjustment knob is used ONLY with the low power (4X, 10X) objectives. When focusing under the 40X or 100X objective, ONLY use the fine adjustment, never the coarse adjustment.

When to use fine adjustment on a microscope?

After you have the slide positioned and centered on your area of study or inquiry you need to engage the next higher power objective lens. This time you will use the fine adjustment knob slowly to focus you image under the higher power objective.

What happens if you use the coarse-adjustment knob to focus on an?

Since the coarse-adjustment knob is used to find the specimen, combining this with the high-power objective lens could cause you to move the stage too quickly and break the slide under the lens. It will all make it more difficult to find the specimen because the field of view is decreased the higher you go with the objective lenses.

Why is only the fine adjustment used for high power?

Because if you use the coarse adjustment under high power, there is a greater risk that you will crack the slide on the microscope and damage it. The fine adjustment only moves the objective lense small amounts and very slowly, so there is no chance that you will damage the slide.

Which is smaller fine focus or fine adjustment?

You will notice that when you turn the knob it moves the stage (or the body tube depending on the type of microscope you have) much faster than the fine focus knob (the smaller one). The fine adjustment knob will be the smaller of the two knobs and when you turn the knob you will notice that the movement is much slower and more controlled.