Can turf be laid all year round?

Can turf be laid all year round?

Turf can be laid all year round providing the ground conditions are appropriate. Turf can’t be laid during frosty weather as this can slow down thawing and act as a barrier. It does not damage your new turf if the ground becomes frosty once it has been laid.

What weather is best for laying turf?

You can lay turf in any weather unless ground is either frozen or too wet to work with. In hot or dry weather, you will need to be ready to water it every day until the grass has established. The same applies to Meadowmat wild flower turf. If you can work the soil, you can lay the turf.

When can I put new turf down?

The perfect time to lay a new lawn from scratch is early autumn, when the grass can root easily. Follow our advice to help you lay turf and cultivate a pristine lawn.

Can you put new turf down in winter?

Turf can be laid throughout the year, Turf can even be laid during the winter. In fact, laying turf in winter has its advantages.

What happens if you walk on new turf?

Do ensure that your new turf is regularly watered to prevent the grass from being put under stress. Don’t walk on your new turf until it has been properly rooted into the soil, this could take a several weeks. Dog urine can cause brown patches in your grass as well as causing it to burn.

What should you put down before laying turf?

Lightly firm down the turves with the head of a rake or piece of wood to ensure good contact between the underside of the turf and the soil. Any remaining cracks can be filled with a light soil (Turf & Lawn Seeding Topsoil is ideal) and tamped down.

What should you not do when laying turf?

Important points to remember: Always push turf into a joint; never stretch the turves by pulling them. Turf must not be allowed to dry out. In hot weather try to start watering areas laid first prior to completing the whole area, then continue to water regularly.

Will frost damage newly laid turf?

Is newly laid turf frost hardy? Frost will not normally damage turf. The fact that turf is unaffected by frozen conditions means even if your turf roll freezes it will keep for days or even weeks and once the frost has lifted can be laid as normal on to thawed ground.

Can I lay turf on top of grass?

Laying new turf over old lawn is possible, but results will not be satisfactory in the long run. New grass will grow over old turf, however, your lawn’s condition will deteriorate over time as the old grass dies. For best results, you should always remove any old vegetation before laying new turf.

Can you lay turf in freezing conditions?

Generally the cold weather won’t affect laying turf either. Winter is actually a great time to lay turf as it gives the turf time to settle and root before the summer months when you’ll be wanting to use the lawn more often.

Does newly laid turf sink?

So that your lawn won’t sink in places after the turf has been laid, the soil needs to be firmed and settled. Wearing sturdy boots with a low heel (walking boots or wellies are good) take tiny steps from one side of the lawn to the other, treading the soil down as you go.

How long does turf take to settle?

How long does it take turf to settle? On average, it’s OK to walk on a new turf around 3 weeks after installation. But everything depends upon weather, time of year and how well the ground was prepared. Only when the roots have penetrated the soil below and established is the ‘new’ lawn ready for action.