Can you find AKC papers if the information was lost?

Can you find AKC papers if the information was lost?

If a dog’s individual registration application has been lost, the litter owner must contact the AKC to request a duplicate. The litter owner will need to submit a Duplicate Dog Registration Application or provide the following: A brief statement requesting a duplicate registration application.

How can I get a copy of my AKC papers?

Please remember a duplicate certificate can only be requested by the current owner on AKC record. For more information you can contact our Customer Service Department at (919) 233-9767. You can also e-mail us at [email protected].

How do I find my dogs pedigree AKC?

It only takes a moment to Create an Account and Login to the AKC Store. Once Logged In, click on Pedigrees/Reports in the AKC Reports section. Click on the type of pedigree desired and proceed to the ordering page where you can select any dog in our online database and order its pedigree.

How do I find my AKC litter registration?

Follow these easy steps to get started:

  1. Login to your My AKC account.
  2. Sign up for Online Record Keeping services from the main page.
  3. Go to the My Dogs and Litters section.
  4. Click Breeder Records to view, create and maintain breeder records, view AKC litter and puppy registration information, and manage puppy records.

How do I verify AKC paperwork?

Once you’re enrolled in the AKC system with an online PIN, you can check the status of your dog’s registration online. You must enter your email address and your dog’s AKC registration number. AKC registration numbers are composed of two letter and eight digits.

What happens if you breed a dog without breeding rights?

With no breeding rights, puppies won’t be able to be registered later with the kennel club of choice. The Animal Welfare Act was created to protect the wellbeing of dogs, and therefore, as a responsible and ethical breeder, it is important to follow its rules, obligations, and laws.

Do AKC papers prove ownership?

Proof of ownership can be as simple as your adoption record from the local shelter or as complex as the AKC registration record. This form shows who is responsible for the pet’s care and ownership.

Can you register a dog with AKC without papers?

AKC has a new program where we are researching pedigrees of dogs that do not have AKC paperwork to determine if the dog comes from AKC registrable stock. The dog may qualify for registration if the pedigree shows no break in AKC lineage and the dogs in the pedigree originate from AKC registrable stock.

What does AKC mean in dogs?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) Every year, breeders and trainers gather in New York for the Westminster Dog Show to celebrate the beauty and grace of purebred dogs.

Where can I find littermates?

Go to the akc website and find the dog search link. Now enter your dogs registration number and your dog should pop up. The only difference between your dogs registration numbers and its littermates is the last 2 digits. The first dog will end with 01 and the 2nd dog will be 02 and so on.

How much does it cost to AKC register a litter?

Litter Registration

Litter Registration $25.00 + $2.00/puppy
Registration of Litter with a Foreign Sire $25.00 + $2.00/puppy
Duplicate Litter Kit $25.00 + $2.00/puppy
Litter Correction $50.00
Penalty Fee for submitting a litter registration application over 6 months after the date of birth of the litter. $65.00

How do I look up AKC information?

Register with

  1. The AKC website is the only accurate, up-to-date source for looking up AKC registration numbers.
  2. You can also search as a guest, but registering for an account is a good idea.