Did Andy Fairweather Low play with Van Morrison?

Did Andy Fairweather Low play with Van Morrison?

Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Roger Waters, Bob Dylan, The Who, Elton John, Ronnie Lane, Van Morrison, Dave Edmunds and Jimi Hendrix have all utilised his talents as a guitarist.

Who is Andy Fairweather Low married to?

Barbara Low
Andy Fairweather Low/Spouse

What guitar does Andy Fairweather Low play?

Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster (Duplicate)

Was Andy Fairweather Low married?

Who sang amen corner?

Andy Fairweather Low
Amen Corner was a Welsh R&B-tinged pop band of the ’60s featuring singer Andy Fairweather Low, organist Blue Weaver, guitarist Neil Jones, bassist Clive Taylor, saxophonists Allen Jones and Mike Smith, and drummer Dennis Bryon.

When did Andy Fairweather Low retire from music?

Fairweather Low retired for quite some time, but returned being a single musician in 1974 and produced some albums through 1980, achieving the U.K. TOP using the singles “Reggae Melody” and “Wide Eyed and Legless.”

Where did Andy Fairweather Low get his first job?

Eventually, Fairweather Low ended up getting a Saturday job at the Barratts of Manchester music shop in Cardiff, hired by fellow Welsh luminary Dave Edmunds who worked at the store. “It was there that I first picked up a guitar. I just couldn’t stop. It was like a candy store.

When did Andy Fairweather Low Sweet Soulful Music come out?

Twenty-six years is a long wait but ‘Sweet Soulful Music’ signaled a welcome return for one of the UK’s most distinctive artists, as heartily endorsed by many of the world’s greatest talents.

How did Andy Fairweather Low become an idol?

The overnight success and Fairweather Low’s teen idol looks, as music journalist William Ruhlmann noted at Allmusic; “… put his attractive face on the bedroom walls of teenage girls all over Britain”.