Does Ash want to be a Pokemon Master?

Does Ash want to be a Pokémon Master?

For 22 years, Ash Ketchum has had one thing on his mind: to become a Pokemon master, along with his trusty Pikachu by his side. As the iconic title song goes, he has “wanted to be the very best, like no one ever was”. And now it’s finally happened!

Why does Ash want to become a Pokémon Master?

For Ash, being a Pokemon Master probably just means he gets to travel around the world with Pikachu & his other Pokemon and experience new battles & events etc. Remember he saw Ho-Oh on the first episode? Ash’s eternal happiness is not to win, but to be with his Pokemon forever.

What does being a Pokémon Master mean?

states that a Pokémon Master must catch one of every kind of Pokémon and become a member of the Pokémon League. According to The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga, a Pokémon Master is simply an elite Trainer who is considered a professional and regularly takes part in Pokémon League competitions.

Who is the No 1 Pokémon Master?

Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum, the hero of the “Pokémon” animated series, has finally become a Pokémon Master after 22 years. The “Pokémon” animated series debuted in 1997, introducing fans around the world to Ash and his Pokémon partner, Pikachu. The series now spans more than 1,000 episodes and 22 feature-length films.

Does Ash ever catch Mewtwo?

Prior to Clearing the Path to Destiny! Mewtwo was a Pokémon Ash caught when the final battle with Team Rocket ended.

Who is Ash Ketchum girlfriend?

Ash Ketchum Serena has known Ash since childhood, although Ash initially forgot their first meeting until she mentioned the camp they attended and he only remembered her as “the girl with the straw hat”. Secretly, Serena has developed a crush on him and seems to entertain the thought of becoming his bride.

Does Ash catch Mewtwo?

Mewtwo was a Pokémon Ash caught when the final battle with Team Rocket ended.

Who is Ash’s dad?

Delia, Ash’s mother, is basically a single parent. The anime has yet to reveal the identity of Ash’s father, although it has confirmed that he is a Trainer. Some have theorized that maybe Professor Oak is Ash’s dad, while others have proposed that Ash has a stranger family line.

Does Ash have any legendary Pokemon?

Ash Ketchum has caught one Mythical Pokémon, Meltan, but he hasn’t caught any Legendary ones, despite forming a close bond and friendship with Nebby, who would later evolve into Solgaleo. Pokémon, which is short for Pocket Monsters, is a media franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori back in 1995.

Does Ash marry Serena?

Ash and Serena manage too put there feeling aside and truthfully accept there feelings for each other, Ever since she kissed Ash he now knew how Serena felt about him, And he felt for her, So they soon went on a new journey together, And then back too his home town where he proposed and they got married to each other.

Who is the weakest Pokémon trainer?

Falkner has the lowest leveled Pokemon in the entire series. There is nothing weaker in a Gym battle than this Flying-type.

Who is the smartest Pokemon?

Mime to Espeon, here are 10 intelligent Psychic-type Pokémon!

  1. 1 Alakazam. The reason that this Pokémon deserves the top spot on this list is because one of its Pokédex entry states that it has an IQ of over 5000!
  2. 2 Tapu Lele.
  3. 3 Mewtwo.
  4. 4 Beheeyem.
  5. 5 Delphox.
  6. 6 Mew.
  7. 7 Gardevoir.
  8. 8 Espeon.