Does liquid have a fixed shape Why?

Does liquid have a fixed shape Why?

In a liquid, the particles are still in close contact, so liquids have a definite volume. However, because the particles can move about each other rather freely, a liquid has no definite shape and takes a shape dictated by its container.

Are liquids fixed or variable?

Liquids, because they flow, can occupy whatever shape their container has, so they do not have a fixed shape. Because the particles in liquids are very close together (barely further apart than in solids) liquids do not easily compress, so their volume is fixed.

Do liquids have a fixed temperature?

There is a CHEMICAL difference between the gaseous and liquid state of the same substance. Volume Liquids have a fixed TEMPERATURE, but no fixed shape.

What exist in all three states of matter?

Water is the only substance where all three states can be readily observed in everyday life: solid water as ice, liquid water in a water fountain, and gaseous water as steam. Carbon dioxide is a good example of a substance which can be a liquid, but only when it is under pressure.

Can liquids be compressed?

flow and take the shape of their container, because their particles can move around each other. cannot be compressed, because their particles are close together and have no space to move into.

Why liquids are not compressible?

To flow, a substance should change its shape easily. For compressibility, the substance should be able to decrease its volume. Liquid particles are still packed close together, so liquids can’t easily be compressed and keep the same volume.

Is it true that liquids have a fixed temperature but no fixed shape?

Liquids have a fixed TEMPERATURE, but no fixed shape. Molecules of ice have less MASS than molecules of water.

Which state holds its own shape?

A solid is something that can hold its own shape and is hard to squash. The particles in most solids are closely packed together and do not move around. Ice is water in its solid form or state.

Can wood exist as a liquid?

As a result of the chemical, irreversible breakdown of its components, wood does not melt. Although the water and volatile matter would evaporate in the vacuum, the long cellulose fibers in wood would strongly inhibit wood’s transition to the liquid state.

Can liquid be compressed yes or no?

The answer is yes, You can compress water, or almost any material. However, it requires a great deal of pressure to accomplish a little compression. For that reason, liquids and solids are sometimes referred to as being incompressible.

Can liquids flow?

For liquids and gases these particles can flow over or alongside one another. That is why liquids and gases are also called fluids: because they can flow. This flow can be smooth, chaotic or anything in between. When you pour fluid out of a container you remove particles from that container leaving space behind.