Does MTV still play music in the morning?

Does MTV still play music in the morning?

MTV still plays music videos for insomniacs (usually from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. on weekdays) and the Video Music Awards remains its biggest event of the year.

Why is MTV no longer about music?

MTV realized that there was more money to be found in things other than music videos long before piracy became a serious issue. No, MTV pursued other avenues while still showing videos until it became not profitable to show videos.

What was the first song banned on MTV?

Two years after they had the honor of being the first band to have a video banned by MTV, Queen once again found their material rejected by the network. For the group’s 1984 song “I Want to Break Free,” the legendary rockers decided to parody an English soap opera called Coronation Street.

Why does radio 1 play the same songs?

There are two primary ways that radio stations determine whether a song should be played on high rotation. The first relates to how many times a song has been downloaded on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. The other concerns licensing agreements between radio stations and record labels.

Who owns MTV now?

ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks
MTV/Parent organizations

When did MTV stop making music?


Launched August 1, 1981
Former names MTV: Music Television (1981–2010)

What does MTV stand for now?

Music Television
MTV (originally an initialism of Music Television) is an American cable channel that launched on August 1, 1981. Based in New York City, it serves as the flagship property of the MTV Entertainment Group, part of ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks, a division of ViacomCBS.

Why is MTV censored?

Censorship of music videos. MTV has frequently edited music videos to remove lyrical references to drugs, sex, nudity, violence, weapons, homophobia, suicide, religion or advertising, and completely edits out swear words.

Did MTV ban a Queen video?

Queen may not have been the most squeaky-clean band ever (partially thanks to Freddie Mercury’s antics) but some fans might not know they made a music video so controversial it was banned from MTV. Surprisingly, a Queen music video which seemed innocuous in Britain was considered obscene in North America.

Do Radio 1 DJs choose music?

After 7pm Radio 1 goes specialist and the music is picked by the DJs and show teams. The Radio 1 Playlist makes up the majority of the songs that are played before that in the daytime. It’s made up of around 50 songs that are played on rotation throughout the week.

How do Radios choose songs?

The three factors are: Sound quality. Great songwriting that creates emotional connection. Radio manager’s personal preferences.

How long did MTV last?

What kind of music videos are on AMTV?

AMTV initially combined music videos with news updates, interviews, and live music performances. It featured many full-length music videos, including some older videos, in a segment called “Throwback”. During the program, the channel promoted related features on its music-based web site,

Why do they always play the same songs on the radio?

Now of course there are some people who listen to a station at work for more than 2 hours. These tend to be the people who complain that a station is playing too much of the same songs.

Is the AM TV channel still on MTV?

AMTV and AMTV2 were removed from MTV’s lineup in 2017, but the AMTV logo remains in use during early morning general programming. For ratings purposes, the block is marketed as a separate network from MTV. AMTV signaled the newest return of music programming on MTV.

Is it sad when radio plays same 20 songs?

Yeah commercial radio is a bore when you hear 20 bands and all of them sound alike. Sad really but with the internet being free this is rapidly changing. What will happen is the free web as we know it will become co-mingled with cable and the big companies will limit by charging a fee to control the market once again.