How do you gain karma in Stick RPG?

How do you gain karma in Stick RPG?


  1. Random event while working a job.
  2. Fighting a mobster (the one behind ‘Steel and Hawk’ yields +62 Karma and +4 strength when defeated) he respawns every 10 days.
  3. Buying an ID Card from the police station.
  4. Give the Trophemons to Animal Activist Annie.
  5. Eating Angel Food Cake (+50 Karma) (Director’s Cut only)

How do you get a car in Stick RPG?

A yellow car will always be present next to your apartment in Stick RPG. Once the player has +350 Intelligence points, they can hotwire the car and press “C” to drive it.

How do you gain strength in Stick RPG?

The best way to gain Strength would be street-fights or fighting in any of the Combat Zones. However, there is a limit to the number of people you can fight, and the Combat Zones take one week to reopen. There is a person you can have unlimited fights with, though.

What is the point of stick RPG?

What is the point of stick RPG? Gameplay. The game is played through the main character, who has woken up in the 2D World somehow. You are able to walk up, down, left, and right, to navigate your way through the small world that makes up the game.

What is karma stick RPG?

Karma can be considered an additional stat; however it is not enhanced through training, and is only affected by your actions throughout the series. You can randomly get strength, intelligence and charm from doing other quests.

What does the cell phone do in Stick RPG?

Open your inventory and click on the cell phone. It will be used automatically to make contacts in other cities. Go to the convenience store and purchase five caffeine pills. This will give you more time each day.

What can you do in Stick RPG?

Stick RPG is a fun, fiction RPG game where you can survive by drug dealing, bar fights, or bank robberies. When you start the game you are given three choices you can choose from. Those three choices include how long you want your game to last.

Where is the hardware store in Stick RPG 2?

The Hardware Store is able to be accessed by the Directors Cut. Once you purchase the Directors Cut you will be able to solve a murder mystery. 1. When you enter the Hardware store there will be a detective; he will give you a clue that says, “Chainsaw Club”.

Will there ever be a Stick RPG 3?

As I said in another comment we don’t have any plans at the moment for Stick RPG 3 but that’s not to say we’ve ruled out the idea. With the news that Flash support is coming to an end soon, what is the plan for the flash games you guys still support such as Stick Arena?

What is karma Stick RPG?

What is the best way to get charm in Stick RPG?

Get a job or complete a mission if you’re eager to increase your charm faster. Jobs and missions get you money, which can be used to drink or smoke large amounts. Invest in real estate. Once you have some cash flow and are able to buy houses and furniture you’ll be able to increase your charm much faster.